Discovering the Vinicultural Treasure of Montesanco

Nestled in Requena’s heart, a tale of resilience, revival, and profound land passion unfolds. Montesanco, a family vineyard established in 2016, embodies a testament to unwavering dedication to revive a vineyard that had withstood the devastation of phylloxera. It’s a narrative of rejuvenation and a commitment to preserve not just a vineyard but a cultural legacy.

Rediscovering Roots Among Centennial Vines

In a corner of Requena, rows of centuries-old Bobal vines proudly stand, a testament to nature’s enduring spirit. Montesanco’s journey began amidst these resilient vines, igniting a vision to bring life back to a heritage-rich land. The unyielding determination to revive ancient terraces’ legacy, once adorned by vineyards, fuels their passion for landscape rejuvenation.

A Heritage Rekindled: From Cellars to Stories

At the heart of Montesanco lies a cellar steeped in history, where echoes of bygone eras resonate. The restoration of an 1882 cellar, crafted by renowned filmmaker Fide García Verlanga’s grandfather, embodies the fusion of heritage and innovation. It’s a place where echoes of the past resonate in every bottle, capturing the essence of Requena’s winemaking legacy.

“In the tapestry of vines and tales, Montesanco weaves a story of resilience, heritage, and a deep love for the land.”

Reverence for Nature’s Bounty

Beyond the vines, Montesanco’s story extends to Teulada, where the Abiar Alta estate breathes new life into the region’s viticultural heritage. Here, across 20 hectares of land, the art of winemaking intertwines with nature’s canvas. Ancient Moscatel vines, witnesses for over six decades, showcase the commitment to restore not just vineyards but an abundant life-filled landscape.

A Tri-Phased Recovery Commitment

Montesanco is committed to three recovery axes in the two properties Requena and Teulada: the restoration of ancient vines for limited editions, the recovery of landscape terraces and biodiversity, and the preservation of cultural heritage through the rehabilitation of  historic building like the 1882 cellar in Requena and Riu Riau in Teulada.

Discovering Valencia’s Essence in Montesanco Teulada

At Montesanco Teulada, wine isn’t just a drink; it’s an expression of the region’s indigenous treasures. Visitors embark on a sensory journey through Valencia’s native varieties, tasting organic and biodynamic wines that reflect the land’s essence. It’s an immersion into local culture, a tour that unveils the secrets of ecological winemaking amidst breathtaking vistas.

Offering Unique Experiences

Montesanco Teulada offers two visit options: a “Tasting Tour” to explore the winery, vineyards, and sample 4 Mons wines, all organic and biodynamic; and a “Walkthrough Tour” that delves into the Mediterranean forest. Additionally, they organize wine pairing dinner events to showcase the richness of their crafted wines.

Montesanco it’s a sanctuary of heritage, nature, and unparalleled winemaking craftsmanship. With open arms, it invites all eager to explore Valencia’s intricate tapestry of winemaking legacy, from ancestral vineyards to stories interwoven in every sip.

Visit Montesanco Teulada, where the past dances with the present, and each glass tells a story of resilience and reverence for the land.

Opening Hours – booking in advance for the visit: Monday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., welcoming all eager explorers.

Contact details

Montesanco Teulada

CV 460/Ctra Utiel- Los Isidros Km 7

46 340 Requena, Valencia, Spain.

(Aptdo Correos 40, 46 300 Utiel)

Montesanco Teulada

Abiar Alta, 23, Teulada, Alicante

Telf.: (+34) 96 212 1626 / (+34) 609 42 78 58

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