If it is fine dining with a view you wish to have then Monarca Denia will fulfill all your dreams.

It was only three months ago that the unique restaurant entitled Monarca which is situated only 150 metres from the beach and has stunningly beautiful views opened its doors in the centre of Denia and it has already proved to be a great success.


Monarca arrived in Denia to offer a completely new concept a fusion cuisine which is created by three chefs of different nationalities and different rooms throughout the restaurant spread over the two floors so it can match any of their diners wishes, whether it is a casual meal or an evening of cocktails overlooking the sea or a romantic evening enjoying delicious food to the sound of live music on Saturday nights then it is all catered for.


Recently the Spain Life team had the pleasure of enjoying their gastronomy on their beautiful rooftop for one night and we are here to tell you with this feature what a pleasant experience it was to dine there.


We will hereby commence by also mentioning the wonderful interior decoration of Monarca, inspired by the famous Denia Castle which served as a fortress during the time of Mediterranean piracy and which is situated just 260 metres behind the restaurant and also the excellent style comes from the owner Katia who has a keen eye for all the best in interiors.



























Monarca is situated on two floors with a large terrace on the ground floor and a cosy rooftop terrace with amazing sea views as well to suit all of the customer’s requirements.







As we mentioned earlier we were very fortunate to have enjoyed a wonderful evening on the rooftop recently that was clearly a luxury listening to live music where you immediately feel comfortable and relaxed and it was truly a dream night thanks to the excellent food and the atmosphere that was created. To be honest it has been a long time since we had such a great evening with something “as simple” as a few quality dishes and some beautiful live music following all the recent restrictions.


But in Monarca, the cuisine is simply exquisite thanks to its excellent fusion cuisine, as we have mentioned above and its incredible chefs who are of different nationalities and therefore, they have brought the best and most innovative of their countries (Italy, Peru, Bulgaria, etc) to Denia to fuse it with our rich Mediterranean gastronomy. Nothing will leave you wanting as the flavours at Monarca are an authentic experience that you must engage in. In addition to the fact that the ingredients they use are of the highest quality and local from Denia, they also mix them and therefore create unique dishes that you will not find in any other restaurant in the area.


Now that we have given you a little background on the cuisine itself, we are now going to show you some of the wonderful dishes we were able to savour that special night.


We started by ordering two of the tasty seafood starters accompanied with delicious bread and alioli that is probably the best alioli we have ever tasted.  It was homemade, creamy and definitely distinctive.


Whilst starting with this we also had it on good authority that their fish dishes are simply delicious  and also fresh and cooked to perfection…as they are coming straight from the port over the road from the restaurant straight directly onto your plate and so we opted for their famous Crispy Prawns and pineapple and soy reduction, a dish that is not always on the menu due to its high demand and its stylish presentation.



Following on from this we tried the tasty Galician octopus finished in the wood oven and oil flavoured with herbs and paprika from La Vera.


It looks mouthwatering but tastes even better. It was exquisite and just perfect …. a Ten out of ten for this dish.




As for the main courses, we had a long time deliberating and then decided to look to sample the various tastes of the food so, in the end, we decided to order meat and fish so we could compare.



Following on from this the Solomillo that was presented was cooked to perfection and was marvelous being very tender with the foie gras blended wonderfully with the mashed potatoes and truffle.



Here pictured is also the delicious Sea Bass on fresh Linguini pasta served in a wonderfully rich Lobster béchamel. It was immensely tasty and full of lovely ingredients and a must for all fish lovers.


When dining at such a wonderful establishment you know that these dishes need to be accompanied by a very good wine from and ours came from the Alicante region recommended to us by their attentive staff. There is a great wine selection to choose from and our Tinto “Sericis Cepas Viejas” tasted perfect with the food especially with the meat dish.







After enjoying what was a sumptuous meal we felt we had to try their excellent range of deserts which were of a nice variety and we opted for the popular Monarca wood-fire oven Apple Pie with berries and vanilla ice cream that melted in your mouth and had a nice tangy taste all round and overall finished the evening off perfectly.



Whilst stating again about how good the food was we also have to say that at Monarca the staff is something that is a highlight since they are very professional, efficient and friendly making the ambiance even more atmospheric and it makes you want to come back again.


Therefore following our visit we can highly recommend MONARCA as we not only enjoyed the amazing cuisine but their venue is situated opposite the sea and marina with the spectacular views makes you feel special in every way and this restaurant is going to be very popular in Denia and they also have a special restaurant in Moraira too which we will inform you about on our next feature later this week.


So if you want to enjoy a beautiful evening with excellent live music, a great atmosphere with high-quality cuisine and drinks then look to book your table now and especially on a  Saturday night.



Make your plans as Monarca, is getting more popular by the day and so we encourage you to look to book your table for lunch, dinner or even to enjoy fabulous cocktails in the evening by contacting them at the number below.





























Contact Details:

Address: Plaza del Raset, 14, Denia

Phone: +34 679 532 164


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