Hogarguti; Cooktop with integrated extractor: two appliances in one.

When it comes to getting your kitchen ready, the choice of the extractor hood and the cooktop is not something that is quick and easy to decide. But what if we had the advantage of having two appliances in one: a cooktop and a hood?


This could solve many questions.


An open kitchen or a small kitchen are the decisions we have to sometimes make as it is the most important room in the house and that involves lots of debate because in both of them space and aesthetics are very important. It is in this context where the cooktop with integrated extractor plays a fundamental role: there is no trace of odors, fumes, or hoods that visually makes the design of the kitchen.


Therefore we felt it was now time to introduce to you the new NEFF FlexInduction hob  (click here to see) with an integrated extractor that Hogarguti offers.







This innovative hob is able to combine the best of two fundamental kitchen appliances: the FlexInduction hob with its highest performance and the sophistication of extractor hoods.

Therefore, it becomes a perfect appliance for that kind of kitchen we mentioned above where every centimeter is important.


The reasons are obvious: it is not necessary to install an extractor hood above the hob and this way, you gain all the space you are looking for as well as being much cleaner and extremely quiet.


In addition to space, the advantages of installing this extractor with the integrated hood are directly perceived at the time of cooking. You have the option of using some of the highest performance features to give free rein to your creations. With the Move function, you can divide the flexible zone into three different zones with three different powers; you can use one zone for boiling, another for simmering, and the third for keeping food warm. Just move the pot back and forth to change the power setting as the recipe calls for it.


Do you need to move the pots in the middle of cooking? No problem because this NEFF cooktop also comes equipped with the Transfer Function, where you can move the pan anywhere in the dual flex zone and settings such as power and time are automatically transferred.


In addition, it features oil temperature control so you can keep the right temperature for each food item and thus obtain the best cooking result.


And of course, it also has Home Connect, which allows you to have complete control of your hob from your own mobile, activates functions, modifies the cooking time, or even select a recipe within the app.









As it is a hob with an integrated extractor, you can take full advantage of its functions without worrying about anything else. Thanks to its Efficient Drive motor, the extractor fan cleans the room of fumes and odors with a minimum of noise. And it does this not only because of its high power but also because of the location of the extractor itself: as it is flush with the hob, fumes and odors disappear almost instantly because they don’t even have time to rise.










Since an easy operation of any appliance is essential, that’s why controlling this cooktop with an integrated hood is very simple from its TwistPad®, which allows you to perform three different actions to keep the environment free of fumes and odors:


o You can turn the extractor on and off if you feel you don’t need it.


o You have the option to leave it programmed in automatic mode, so the extractor itself, thanks to its air quality sensor, decides the power it needs depending on the saturation of the air it detects.


o It has 9 powers and a more intensive one so that you can make modifications manually for moments of great hustle and bustle in the kitchen.











The ease of installation also plays in favor of this flex induction hob with an integrated extractor. In addition to merging two appliances, it takes up considerably less space than other countertop extraction systems and its installation depth adapt seamlessly to the furniture you have chosen.


Did you see in the video with this article and how easy it is to install? Depending on your kitchen you can do it either with an air outlet or recirculation, taking into account that the choice of filters is not the same for both options. In the case of activated carbon filters, remember that they cannot be washed, so you must change them when they are saturated. Do it easily by following the instructions in the video or in the instruction manual.


Are you one of those who love open kitchens? Are you looking for a cooktop with a built-in extractor to give a new touch to your kitchen? NEFF makes it easy for you, and you can find it at Hogarguti where they can help you find exactly what you need.







Contact Details:

C / Pedreguer, 18, Denia – 03700 (Alicante)

Phones: +34 966 435 301 and +34 654 061 700






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