How to choose the best training for you

All experts recommend eating a balanced diet and doing several hours of exercise a week to keep us healthy. That is why it is very important to find the most suitable sports centre for you. We provide you some tips to choose the perfect gym for you.


Many gyms offer you unlimited access to their facilities for high rates, but is this really what you need? However, some centres allow you to choose the appropriate training for you, your time and your needs. This way, you only pay for what you train. In Club Fit Jávea they offer you three types of packages so you can choose the membership you want based on your body and the training you want to do.


Each one of these packages adapts to your goals, experience preferred workout and, of course, your budget. Discover the memberships of the Fit Jávea Club below, choose the best training for you and pay just for what you truly train.


Choose the best training for you


Basic Package: One more rep

This package includes free access to the gym. You can use free weights, cardio machines and strength equipment. It is ideal for beginners who decide to start training step by step. Over time your muscle size and strength, your stamina and your cardiovascular endurance will increase! In addition, you can work on isolated muscles, which is especially recommended for those with injuries or those who want to boost a certain part of the body.


Lite Package: Train like a Pro

The Lite Package is especially recommended for experienced gym goers, and includes access to the gym and standard classes. It is oriented towards functional training, high intensity training and dance fitness classes, among others. This type of exercise is really good for your body and very complete. You will take your training to the next level and improve your quality of life, as well as your sports performance and you’ll get fit while having fun. Also, this type of controlled sport will help you get strong and prevent injuries.


Ultra Package: Convince your mind

If you are a competitive athlete you should opt for the Ultra Package, with which you will have complete access to the gym and its equipment, in addition to the standard and mind & body classes. With this package you can perfect your whole body vibration training with stretching and core exercises. These activities are perfect for release stress, prevent injuries and improve core strength, sports performance, flexibility and balance, so you can do a total and complete training at Club Fit Jávea.


The best gyms in Jávea


If you want to get in shape, don’t leave it for tomorrow. Today is the ideal day to start training. You can ask for more information about rates, memberships and packages at Club Fit Jávea. And remember that tomorrow you are invited to the special “Party + Sweat” event, where you can enjoy CardioSpin with Live DJ and light show, LaDanza Dance Rally and a High Intensity Challenge. Places are limited, call now to reserve yours! For more information, please visit their website and find them on social media.



Club Fit Jávea

Centro Comercial Monver Xàbia, Calle Roma, 3, Jávea – 03730 (Alicante)

Phones: +34 865 664 888 and +34 602 211 051


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