How Azurée Home Store Javea Furnishes the Home of Your Dreams

Find sofas, tables, dining tables, outdoor furniture, accessories and more made of natural materials to give your home that natural outdoorsy vibe that your home is missing. 


What is it about rustic furniture that makes us feel so at ease at home? It’s the natural wood that pulls us back into a natural environment, allowing us to have outdoor elements inside the home, connecting us to the outdoors. 

Specialising in rustic, earthy and natural decor, Azurée Home Store in Javea boasts a gorgeous collection of unique pieces delivered from exotic places worldwide. Embodying a boho and natural design, Azurée’s pieces are rustic, oozing with sophistication, and enable you to introduce the rustic style into your home, regardless of the original look. Azurée has sofas, tables, dining tables, outdoor furniture and other accessories suitable for indoor and outdoor decor. It also has everything you need to optimize the bedroom, such as comfortable mattresses, bedframes, bedclothes, pillows, and covers. 

Azurée’s New Outdoor Furniture Collection

We invite you to discover the new collection of outdoor furniture from Azurée. In a variety of different styles to browse, you’ll be spoiled for choice. In this latest collection, natural materials take centre stage, be it a dining table, ottoman, coffee table, or drawer set. You can’t help but have your eyes drawn to such a bold statement piece, that isn’t overpowering at the same time. 


Why is Rustic Home Interior so Popular? 

The rustic style stands out for its naturalness, careless elegance and natural ambience. Generally, this style is implemented in interiors of homes located in the mountains. However, with the help and guidance of the team at Azurée Home Store, you can incorporate this look into your home, regardless of where you’re situated. 

The rustic style has elements that are related to the rural style and for this reason it aims to achieve a relaxed, comfortable and traditional atmosphere, which revolves around nature.


Characteristics of the Rustic Style:


An abundance of antique and aged pieces by means of lamps, coffee tables, boots, chairs, windows, vases, etc. These furnishings should reflect warmth and personality, however, the main element of any rustic decoration is the fireplace.


Colours and Textures

Implementation of rustic materials and textures in addition to wood and natural stone, clay or marble can be used. These can be best highlighted with the use of neutral colours and white tones that stand out with the furniture. In addition, natural fibres such as wool, linen or cotton can be included in the fabrics and textiles.



Since the aim of the rustic style is to evoke nature, it is essential to incorporate flowers and plants of any kind, however, if you decide to opt for wildflowers, the style will stand out even more.

The style aims to achieve a relaxed and traditional atmosphere reminiscent of nature, predominantly in mountain areas, it also has very specific characteristics that differentiate it from other decorative styles. We recommend stepping into Azurée in Javea so you can discover all of the gorgeous pieces they currently have to help you bring that earthy element into your living space. 



 Azurée Home Store Jávea 

Carretera Gata, 83, 03730 Jávea, Alicante

+34 966 460 015


Opening times: 

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