Boho Beauty by Savina is Sweeping the Costa Blanca

Savina ladies’ fashion store in Moraira, Costa Blanca offers handpicked boho style clothing chosen especially to help every woman find their inner goddess. 


At the moment, The bohemian style stands out from current trends to become a new classic and be faithful to its risky character: betting on fluid designs, colours that take us to nature, and accessories that do not go unnoticed. Owner and founder Lee in Savina, Moraira will give you all the keys to interpret it, enhancing your own natural elegance and sophistication in your wardrobe. 


Ultimate Guide to Boho Style 

When the idea of Savina came to owner Lee, she was working as a nail technician when it dawned on her to take off with this passion. It was when Lee was looking for a piece of furniture, she realised that she wanted to pursue her dream of having her own clothes shop. 

In her nail shop, she had started small by also having a clothes rail with bags, jewellery and other accessories on the side. She had a boutique in the U.K. when she decided to bring it over to Costa Blanca and it has continued to grow from her own love of fashion and helping women find pieces especially suited to them. 

The boho style, as we know it today, became fashionable from the 60s until the early 70s. Despite being a very punctual trend in time, the truth is that it has resisted the passage of time and has been reinventing itself with new formulas such as ‘boho chic’ or ‘hippie chic’, to become a new classic among those women who have a special predilection for garments with a ‘gipsy’ soul. 

This style is based on fleeing from the canons of current trends and fashion and has a risky character by combining unpredictable garments. In Savia, you can expect to find tops, kimonos, and flowing dresses with thousands of possibilities that evoke freedom, colours that take us to nature and flashy accessories with a meaning sometimes mystical are fundamental.

Lee, owner of Savina


Savina also stocks the most comfortable, vegan footwear: 

In addition, it stocks Neomonic shoes: 

Bali Range – BBMAC by Savina

Savina’s Bali collection is inspired by a special story that is personal to Lee and her family. The result of months of hard work, the name BBMAC derives from the initials of Lee’s son husband’s Billy, and his daughter Becky who has passed away, while Mac is Lee’s son’s middle name.  

The first arrivals are already in the store, and they’re extremely excited to see how they come out. A lot of time and effort has gone into the decision-making process in terms of styles colours quantities and most importantly, quality. 

Here’s a taster of what to expect from the Bali collection: 

What’s more, is that Savina also has a fabulous range of great quality linen that comes for all sizes of women in the store: 

Contact Details 

Address: Calle del Dr. Calatayud, 28, 03724 Moraira, Alicante

Phone: 711 09 33 72


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