Grupo Canor: Crafting Timeless Elegance For Your Dream Wedding

Grupo Canor emerges as the maestro of wedding orchestrations, offering an unparalleled experience to those seeking to tie the knot in style. With a commitment to excellence and an artistic touch, Grupo Canor transforms your wedding dreams into a tapestry of unforgettable moments. Immerse yourself in the allure of Salone Canore, where every detail is meticulously curated to create a wedding day that resonates with timeless elegance.

Salone Canore: A Symphony of Distinctive Venues

Grupo Canor’s Salone Canore unveils a collection of venues that redefine sophistication, ensuring your wedding is a celebration of refined taste and individuality. Each venue is a unique canvas, presenting a blend of luxury and charm that captivates the senses. Journey into the allure of the main salons…

Salone Intimo: Intimate Opulence

Imagine an intimate space where warmth and luxury intertwine seamlessly. Salone Intimo, the epitome of cozy opulence, welcomes up to 250 guests with a dance floor. Its intimate size doesn’t compromise on the grandeur, offering beautiful gardens for a delightful welcome cocktail and convenient access points for guests. Salone Intimo beckons couples seeking an exclusive atmosphere for their special day.

Salone Regale: Majestic Grandiosity

Step into a realm of grandeur and majesty with Salone Regale. Towering ceilings adorned with magnificent hanging lamps set the stage for an opulent celebration. Handcrafted wooden columns grace the salon, creating an ambiance fit for royalty. Captivating paintings by Ginés Salvà depict local customs, adding an artistic flair. With a stage, projector screen, and a fully-equipped bar, Salone Regale accommodates up to 550 guests, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Salone Celeste: Enchanting Outdoor Splendor

For an ethereal experience, Salone Celeste invites you to an open-air venue with a closed dance floor, accommodating up to 300 guests. Surrounded by nature’s beauty—moon, stars, flowers, and torches—Salone Celeste evokes the romance of Arabian nights. An outdoor setting allows smoking at tables, providing a unique experience. Available exclusively for weddings from June to September, Salone Celeste promises a magical celebration.

Discover the Gardens: A Visual Symphony of Nature

Grupo Canor takes pride in its enchanting gardens, designed to elevate your wedding’s visual aesthetics. Cascades, fountains, and meticulously arranged details greet your guests, creating a captivating atmosphere. Themed bars, ham stands, and spaces for live music enrich the experience. With a professional and friendly staff, Grupo Canor ensures your wedding day begins with a warm and unforgettable welcome amidst the natural beauty.

Culinary Excellence for Your Wedding Feast

Recognizing the profound role food plays in celebration, Grupo Canor presents a diverse and customizable menu. Tailored to surpass expectations, their culinary team adapts menus to accommodate dietary requirements. A pre-arranged visit allows couples to explore menu options, addressing any questions or concerns, ensuring the feast is a delectable journey for the palate.

Multimedia Services: Preserving the Essence of Your Moments

Grupo Canor understands the importance of capturing every nuance of your wedding day. Offering multimedia services, including audiovisual setups and professional photography, Grupo Canor partners with Peke Fotógrafos and Pedro Agulles. Their expertise ensures your wedding memories are beautifully preserved, reflecting the essence of your special day.

Beyond Weddings: Gastronomic Delights at Grupo Canor

Apart from crafting dream weddings, Grupo Canor operates two exceptional dining establishments:

  • Mesón Restaurante el Refugio: Since 1973, this restaurant has been a haven for authentic homemade dishes, showcasing the rich flavors of local cuisine.
  • Restaurante Pizzería Gemisant: Established in 1981, this restaurant is a culinary destination for Mediterranean fusion, offering diverse and tantalizing menus.

In essence, Grupo Canor is your gateway to an extraordinary wedding experience in Teulada, Spain. With Salone Canore as the stage, breathtaking gardens, and culinary artistry, Grupo Canor ensures your celebration surpasses expectations. Whether in the intimate Salone Intimo, the grandeur of Salone Regale, or the enchantment of Salone Celeste, Grupo Canor promises a wedding that unfolds as a timeless masterpiece. Trust Grupo Canor to create a perfect and enchanting wedding day that will be etched in your memories forever.

Contact details of Grupo Canor:

Camino de Assagador de Canor,
s/n (03725 Teulada)




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