Imagine a Perfect Wedding in Teulada With Grupo Canor

Are you dreaming of a perfect wedding in a picturesque location? Look no further than Grupo Canor, your ultimate destination for an unforgettable wedding experience in Teulada, Spain. With their exceptional services and stunning venues, Grupo Canor goes above and beyond to make your special day truly magical. Let’s dive into the world of Grupo Canor and discover how they can turn your wedding dreams into a reality.

grupo canor

Grupo Canor is a renowned company in Spain that specializes in providing exceptional event services, particularly for weddings. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, Grupo Canor has earned a stellar reputation for their impeccable attention to detail and personalized approach. They take pride in creating memorable experiences that exceed the expectations of their clients.


Salones Canor: Experience a Perfect Wedding in Teulada

At Grupo Canor, their Salones Canor offer a range of exquisite venues to suit every couple’s preferences. Whether you envision an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, Salones Canor has the perfect space for your wedding.

Let’s explore the distinctive features of their three main salons:

Salón Confort

Imagine a cozy and welcoming atmosphere where your guests feel right at home. Salón Confort, the smallest of the salons, can accommodate up to 250 guests with a dance floor. Despite its size, it offers the same level of service and comfort as the larger salons. Its advantages include beautiful gardens for the welcome cocktail and convenient access points for all guests.

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Salón Imperial

Step into a world of majesty and grandeur with Salón Imperial. The towering 5-meter high ceiling is adorned with a magnificent hanging lamp, reminiscent of a palace. Beautiful handcrafted wooden columns grace the salon, creating an ambiance fit for royalty.

The walls showcase captivating paintings by renowned artist Ginés Salvà, depicting local customs and traditions. Salón Imperial also boasts a stage with two levels, perfect for live performances, and a large projector screen for captivating visuals that can be seen from every table.

Complete with a fully-equipped bar and high-quality audio system, Salón Imperial guarantees an unforgettable experience. Despite its capacity of up to 550 guests, it can be adapted for smaller events as well.

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Salón Luna

For a unique and enchanting experience, Salón Luna offers an open-air venue with a closed dance floor, accommodating up to 300 guests. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, including the moon, stars, flowers, trees, and flickering torches, Salón Luna evokes the ambiance of Arabian nights.

The advantage of an outdoor setting is that it allows smoking at the tables for guests who enjoy a cigarette. In case of inclement weather, Salón Luna ensures peace of mind by providing one of the two interior options, suitable for the total number of guests. Please note that Salón Luna is exclusively available for weddings from June to September, while other types of events can be hosted throughout the year.

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Discover the Gardens of Canor

Grupo Canor takes pride in their stunning gardens, which serve as a captivating backdrop for your wedding. As soon as your guests arrive, they will be greeted by cascades, fountains, trees, and meticulously arranged details that add a touch of elegance and charm to the surroundings.

The gardens offer various areas, including themed bars, ham stands, cheese tables, and even spaces for live music. With a team of professional and friendly staff, Grupo Canor ensures that your wedding day begins with a warm and unforgettable welcome.

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The Perfect Cuisine for Your Wedding

Grupo Canor understands that exceptional food is an essential element of any wedding celebration. They offer a diverse and customizable menu, ensuring that every dish meets your expectations and delights your guests’ palates.

The culinary team at Grupo Canor is skilled in adapting the menu to accommodate special dietary requirements, such as celiac, vegetarian, vegan, or allergies. If a particular dish cannot be adapted, they will offer an alternative of equal quality and taste.

During a prior scheduled visit, Grupo Canor will explain the menu options in detail, providing you with their dossier and addressing any questions or concerns you may have. Alternatively, you can request their dossier via email through their website’s contact option.

Multimedia Services Thanks to Grupo Canor

Grupo Canor understands the importance of capturing every precious moment of your weddingday. That’s why they offer multimedia services, including audiovisual setups and professional photography.

Their partnership with Peke Fotógrafos and Pedro Agulles ensures that your wedding memories are beautifully preserved. With their expertise and artistic vision, they will capture the essence of your special day, allowing you to cherish those moments for a lifetime.

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The Other 2 Gastronomic Proposals of Grupo Canor

Apart from their renowned wedding services, Grupo Canor also operates two other exceptional dining establishments:

Mesón Restaurante el Refugio

Since 1973, Mesón Restaurante el Refugio has been serving authentic homemade dishes from the region. Their culinary expertise focuses on delivering the rich flavors of the local cuisine, providing a true taste of the area.

Whether you’re craving traditional Spanish dishes or exploring local delicacies, Mesón Restaurante el Refugio will satisfy your appetite for delectable and comforting meals.

Restaurante Pizzería Gemisant

With a history dating back to 1981, Restaurante Pizzería Gemisant has been a go-to destination for Mediterranean fusion cuisine. Indulge in a delightful array of flavors, combining the best of Mediterranean ingredients with innovative culinary techniques.

From mouthwatering pizzas to tantalizing seafood dishes, Restaurante Pizzería Gemisant offers a diverse menu that caters to all tastes.

In brief, Grupo Canor is your gateway to an extraordinary wedding experience in Teulada, Spain. With their exceptional venues, breathtaking gardens, delectable cuisine, and professional services, Grupo Canor surpasses expectations and ensures an unforgettable celebration.

Whether you choose Salones Canor, explore their gardens, or indulge in their gastronomic proposals, Grupo Canor will make your wedding dreams come true. Trust Grupo Canor to create a truly magical and perfect wedding day that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Contact details of Grupo Canor:

Camino de Assagador de Canor,
s/n (03725 Teulada)



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