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Here at UK Spain Life we know that the financial side of moving abroad can be pretty daunting. So we are introducing a weekly financial blog to our site with industry expert John Hayward of The Spectrum IFA Group.


It’s important to get quality financial advice when it comes to money abroad. From pension transfers, Spanish inheritance tax rules, and currency exchange rates, John Hayward has 28 years of experience in financial services. Working at The Spectrum IFA Group, the team are the place to head to for all of your financial queries.


John moved with his family to Spain in 2004, just a year after The Spectrum IFA Group had been set up. The company brought together a variety of members from different financial sectors that all sang off the same hymn sheet. From there they have built up a company that is leading in its quality financial planning advice. Built from around 10 people to a group of currently 60, The Spectrum IFA Group knows the industry inside and out.


In Spain, The Spectrum IFA Group is registered and licensed with the Dirección General de Seguros trading as Baskerville Advisers S.L. As with all partners and associates of The Spectrum IFA Group, John lives in the area where he works and, after 13 years, is very much aware of the needs and requirements of residents of Spain.


The Spectrum IFA Group does not charge fees for advice so you don’t have to live in fear that your enquiry will come straight with a bill. Everything is transparent with The Spectrum IFA Group *, giving the best possible advice and peace of mind for all expatriates and foreign residents in Spain.


John himself has the G60 Chartered Insurance Institute pension qualification which puts him above the vast majority in this field in terms of pension knowledge. Having worked in the financial industry for many years, both in the UK and Spain, John is the perfect advisor for our finance blog.


But what will the blog be about?


The weekly blog intends to cover a range of topics:


  • The Effects of Brexit:
    How can you organise your money to cover all angles of the Brexit negotiations?
    John will discuss all of the relevant Brexit topics, as they happen, so that you are best positioned with your finances.


  • Coping With Low Exchange Rates:
    John will give his expert advice into the changes in currency exchange rates and how best to manage your money.


  • Overseas Pensions:
    How best to organise/position your pensions as an ex-UK resident. Bringing you peace of mind that you will have enough for your retirement.


  • Tax:
    It has everyone’s heads spinning but John will talk all about making sure you are paying the right amount. How do you protect your investments from taxation? As an expert in how tax can affect your investments and pension funds in Spain and the UK, he knows exactly what to look out for.


To find out more about John or to place an enquiry visit:


Or if you want to find out more about Spectrum-IFA then visit:


All financial planning advice is provided using and within Insurance contracts that are highly tax efficient in Spain. Investment Management services within the Insurance Contracts are provided by Investment Management Institutions. Spectrum’s role is to provide the Insurance Intermediation advice and to assist clients in their choice of Investment Management Institution.

The Spectrum IFA Group” is a registered trademark, exclusive rights to use in Spain granted to: Baskerville Advisers S.L. | CIF B-63/137.020 | Correduría de Seguros; No de registro RDGS J2306; | Paseo de Gracia 63, principal, 2a, 08008, Barcelona | Seguro responsabilidad civil AIG Europe No0131900503.1330 | Registro Mercantil de Barcelona, Tomo 35489, Folio 170, Seccion 8, Hoja B-269534

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