Ferdinando Bernardi: Culinary Odyssey Culminating in Casa Bernardi

In the realm of culinary artistry, one name has emerged as a luminary bridging diverse traditions and flavors – Ferdinando Bernardi. Hailing from the gastronomic haven of Rimini, Italy, Bernardi’s journey through kitchens worldwide has now culminated in his magnum opus, Casa Bernardi, nestled in the heart of Benissa, Alicante.

From Family Roots to Global Heights

Ferdinando Bernardi’s roots are intertwined with the culinary world, growing up amidst the aromatic embrace of his father’s restaurant, La Tramontana. His innate affinity for cooking saw him overseeing the pizzeria operations at just 13. The trajectory of his culinary career led him from his native Rimini to the Embassy restaurant, where he honed his craft with Chefs Emanuele Barberini and Fabio Rossi. His sojourns extended to prestigious establishments like the Executive Hotel in Cesenatico and even took him to Thailand, where he shared his nutritional expertise.

Bernardi’s globetrotting culinary quest continued with collaborations across continents – from London’s Julie’s restaurant to Lyon’s Institute Paul Bocuse School of Culinary Arts. These experiences cultivated his unique culinary vision, enriched by flavors from Chicago to California.

Casa Bernardi: A Symphony of Flavors

Casa Bernardi isn’t just a restaurant; it’s an opus composed by years of culinary mastery and global exploration. Upon entering, the resonance of Italianità envelops you – a testament to Bernardi’s unwavering commitment to preserving the essence of his heritage. The sea-view terrace and inviting dining hall blend classic allure with a contemporary touch.

Where Experiences Converge

Bernardi’s experiences from far and wide find their harmonious union at Casa Bernardi. With a focus on sustainability and community collaboration, the restaurant brings local Alicante ingredients to life through the lens of Italian cuisine. Fishermen and farmers become integral partners in this culinary narrative, a testament to Bernardi’s dedication to authenticity.

A New Chapter Unfolds

As the curtain rises on Casa Bernardi, Ferdinando Bernardi embarks on a new chapter in his culinary saga. Having achieved accolades at the Michelin-starred Orobianco in Calpe, Bernardi’s legacy now finds its home in Casa Bernardi. His passion for both culinary artistry and exceptional customer experiences remains unwavering. In his words, “Continuing my family’s gastronomic legacy was my aspiration, as my passion lies in both cooking and providing exceptional customer experiences.”

Casa Bernardi stands as the testament to his journey, inviting patrons to partake in the culmination of his international encounters and culinary expertise. With every dish that emerges from his kitchen, Ferdinando Bernardi extends an invitation to savor the culmination of a life dedicated to the craft – a true symphony of flavors harmonizing the world on a plate.


Partida Pedramala, 60C, Benissa (Alicante)

Reserve here:

+34 622 308 625

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