Expert Doctors in Physiotherapy and Orthopedic Surgery: Clinica La Ermita

Nestled in the picturesque locale of Javea, Clinica La Ermita is a spacious, exquisitely renovated villa that houses a compact yet comprehensive health center. Situated advantageously along the Montgó route from Jávea to Jesús Pobre, the clinic offers ample private parking for convenience.

A Multitude of Specializations Under One Roof

Clinica La Ermita prides itself on being a home to a diverse panel of specialists, ensuring a wide spectrum of professional medical services all within a single setting. The clinic’s strategic design and harmonious color palette envelop visitors in an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort, epitomizing its commitment to excellence.

Leading the Way: Dr. Frederic Hesters at Clinica La Ermita

At the forefront of Clinica La Ermita stands Dr. Frederic Hesters, a beacon of medical expertise and dedication. With a focus on patient-centered care, Dr. Hesters epitomizes the clinic’s commitment to delivering exceptional service and ample consultation time.

Unlocking Mobility: Physiotherapy with Cas van Voorthuizen

With a remarkable career spanning three decades across different countries, Cas van Voorthuizen stands as a seasoned physiotherapist and manual therapist. His expertise lies in restoring functionality to the musculoskeletal system, addressing issues stemming from aging, injuries, or ailments. His specialization in the Kaltenborn-Evjenth Orthopedic Manual Therapy ensures a safe and effective approach, particularly beneficial for elderly patients vulnerable to joint degeneration.

Surgical Expertise: Dr. Emilio J. Baixauli Perelló

With over 30 years of specialized experience in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology, Dr. Emilio J. Baixauli Perelló is a distinguished figure in the field. His mastery extends across a spectrum of techniques, from hand and wrist surgery to complex procedures like hip and knee arthroplasty. Dr. Baixauli Perelló’s contributions, both as Head of Orthopedic Surgery at the La Fe Academic Hospital and as a prolific author, have earned him recognition and accolades.

In the heart of Clinica La Ermita, the seamless synergy of these exceptional doctors, led by Dr. Frederic Hesters, creates a haven of healthcare excellence. From advanced physiotherapy to cutting-edge orthopedic surgery, the clinic’s commitment to patient well-being shines through.


Ctra. Jesús Pobre 156, 03737 Javea (Alicante)

 96 646 2112

Emergency number.: 619 117 533

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