Explore the Taste of Marbella with Juan, the Sustainable Chef of La Fonda

A culinary artist is revolutionizing the dining scene with a passion for sustainability and a commitment to local flavors. Meet Juan, the extraordinary chef of La Fonda, whose journey from Argentina to the sunny shores of Spain has been truly inspiring.

Two years ago, Juan took the bold step towards Marbella, after spending time in Tenerife where he honed his skills as a sous chef in boutique hotel restaurants.

Despite tempting offers from Michelin-starred establishments, Juan chose La Fonda for its community vibe and the freedom to infuse his culinary philosophy into every dish.

Under the guidance of Pascal Simón, Juan absorbed ideas like a sponge while exploring the diverse culinary landscape of Málaga-Marbella. His mission? To create menus that not only showcase the finest local ingredients but also embody the essence of sustainability.

For Juan, sustainability is not just a buzzword, it’s a way of life. From locally sourced cheeses and meats to fresh produce, every ingredient that arrives in La Fonda’s kitchen is carefully selected to ensure maximum flavor and minimal environmental impact.


But Juan’s journey doesn’t end at the kitchen door. As a perpetual student of cooking, he immerses himself in culinary literature and travels to gastronomic hotspots like Granada and Córdoba, constantly refining his understanding of sustainable culinary practices.

At La Fonda, Juan’s dedication to sustainability is reflected in every dish. From savory meat specialties to delicate seafood creations and comforting Andalusian soups, each item on the menu is a testament to his commitment to quality and flavor.

So why not embark on a culinary adventure at La Fonda? Let Juan guide you through the menu and prepare to delight in a symphony of flavors that celebrate the best of Marbella’s culinary heritage. With its picturesque courtyard, La Fonda offers not just a meal, but an unforgettable gastronomic experience that will leave you wanting more.

Contact details

Plaza Santo Cristo 9 & 10

Marbella 29601 – Spain

Tel: +34 952 123 840

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