Elian’s School: Where Students Acquire Academic And Emotional Growth.

Elian’s British School La Nucía opened in September 2002 and is part of the well-established Elian’s Educational Group which integrates the British and Spanish Curriculum offering a unique open space learning environment, with immediate plans for further expansion and growth.


The pupils at Elian’s British School La Nucía are taught to grow and learn whilst being fully immersed in the English language. Through active learning, they are exposed to experiences that constantly challenge their curiosity by learning to think for themselves with an approach where “how” prevails over “what they learn”.


The coexistence of more than 21 nationalities (45% have an international profile) fosters cultural exchange in a natural way and strengthens their global vision in a context that is in a permanent process of improvement.




Well-equipped classrooms and a commitment to high performance in all areas.





Elian’s British School La Nucía has more than fifty spacious, air-conditioned classrooms equipped with the necessary technology to allow for optimal learning in which there is also room for artistic expression with the addition of specific workshops for Science, Art, Design, Music and Performance, as well as its Dance Studio and Auditorium.




The sports facilities at Elian’s British School La Nucía are also one of the most complete where pupils are welcomed and accessed through its artificial grass pitch, tennis courts, basketball courts, outdoor swimming pool, as well as a dedicated Taekwondo and Ping-Pong club room.


In an environment that is  100% in English, the youngest children in Early Years (Infants) grow up surrounded by multiple opportunities to develop their creative skills and linguistic integration. Through the use of interesting themes, appropriate contexts are chosen to encourage each of the pupils to express themselves by finding their own individual learning style, discovering their interests and their best talents.


The school seeks to surprise its students through contexts and resources that awaken in them the need to want to know more by connecting different areas of learning and with what they already know “prior knowledge”.




In addition to bright and welcoming classrooms, the youngest children continue and develop their learning based on “hands-on” experiences in themed corners outside in the fresh air. Offering this possibility is a real privilege for which the school assumes responsibility so that its pupils can develop musical, creative, reading, and expressive skills in open spaces, where they can learn and play outdoors surrounded by nature.




Guarantee of success



The linguistic immersion of the pupils continues in Primary where the integration of solid training in the British Curriculum through native teachers and the Spanish Curriculum is guaranteed by making them competent communicators in both languages in coexistence with other cultures, as a constant source of learning respect and global vision.


At Elian’s British School they focus at this stage on developing in the pupils an interest in participating, investigating, analyzing, and generating in them the strategies to consolidate their own critical thinking with respect to what they read or learn.


And it is during the Secondary and Baccalaureate stage where students end up consolidating the skills they have acquired and fostering those that will serve them in a work scenario yet to be defined. Uncertain scenarios and therefore full of possibilities, of which they are all apart.


The wide range of IGCSE and A-Levels options, together with optional subjects from the Spanish curriculum (Prueba Competencia Específica) add a base to which they incorporate their learning style where students close a stage being able to design solutions creatively and defend them in an argued way, communicating and leading from emotional intelligence in their work teams.


Elian’s British School offers a favorable environment in small groups so that pupils can discover their potential in their chosen area of study, according to their interests, and allowing them guaranteed access to university in Spain or other countries. In 2020 its students gained access to their first choice universities in countries such as the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, and Spain.



If you want your children to feel valued and listened to as well as part of a learning community that supports them in achieving their dreams and ambitions, then Elian’s School is the perfect educational atmosphere with plenty of immersive experiences where their students achieve a high academic performance.


So, we here at Spain Life Exclusive highly recommend looking into Elians school for your little ones’ education. With all the resources they have available, it’s one of the best places to give your children the head start in life that will propel them to later success.


Call them today if you wish to give your child the best educational start in life.



Contact Details:


AddressAvinguda el Copet, 5, 03530 La Nucia, Alicante

Phone966 87 70 55





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