DMK Skin: How this Groundbreaking Skincare Brand Will Make Your Skin Issues Disappear

Having pesky, irritable and recurring skin problems? Then DMK Skincare is the answer to your prayers.

DMK (Danné Montague King) is a premium skincare brand that believes that the secret to solving skin problems is to identify the disharmony within one’s skin. Based on the principles of biochemistry, you can trust the science that DMK has created an impeccable range of skincare products and treatments that leave its customers with radiant, glowing skin.

DMK products work by matching formulations with the body’s own makeup and chemistry, which means that your skin is sure to respond in a positive, as well as in a highly beneficial way. This premium brand is sold by MoMa Estética Avanzada Antiaging, exclusively for the province of Alicante.

What is Enzyme Treatment?

DMK Skincare products are based on enzyme treatment. Recently, the use of enzyme treatments has become widespread in the beauty world. But what are enzymes?

Enzymes are a type of specialised, highly active proteins. All metabolic reactions are regulated by enzymes and their function is that of catalysts and biological regulators. In a sense, they orchestrate all molecular activity in the skin and body.

There are currently several thousand different enzymes known in the body that gives rise to many more processes because each enzyme can be involved in a variety of processes in different organs and with varying functions.

Enzymes are essential in the body’s balance and, in cooperation with some minerals, form the cellular defence with the antioxidant system. Focusing on the skin, as the largest organ in the body, many types of enzymes and coenzymes work in the skin to regulate its normal functions.

DMK’s signature Enzyme Therapy Treatment is a type of oxygen therapy that delivers noticeable results. DMK is highly opposed to the dangers and risks involved in applying oxygen creams, which are in fact peroxides or spraying the skin with compressed oxygen.

The treatment is so effective because it’s designed to mimic the characteristics of the skin.

With DMK’s world-renowned Plasmatic Effect®, a visible network of dilated capillaries delivers oxygen and nutrition into the skin. The lymphatic system flushes away impurities and cell waste, leaving behind a clean matrix and vibrant complexion.

DMK’s Super Serum

Super Serum is a hydrating antioxidant serum. Its unique new formula combines two of DMK’s signature serums: Beta Gel and Direct Delivery Vitamin C.

This transdermal serum contains potent beta-glucan, plus vitamins B and C for maximum performance. Beta-glucan stimulates the skin’s built-in immune system and acts as an antioxidant against destructive free radicals that cause premature ageing.

Vitamin C stimulates collagen synthesis and cell regeneration. This is essential for healing and for the REBUILD stage of the DMK programme.

Super Serum is extremely beneficial for all skin conditions, particularly acne, poor immune response, hyperpigmentation and premature ageing. Contact your local DMK clinic for more information.

About the Founder of DMK

Dr Danné Montague-King is an American scientist and biochemist specialising in cosmetology. He has spent over 50 years researching and developing the DMK Method of Natural Skin Care.

During his youth, Danné suffered from severe acne and felt first-hand what many people feel when their physical appearance is not what they want it to be.

Affected by what he saw around him and knowing that the results of conventional cosmetic products were not definitive, he decided to investigate the phenomena of acne, skin pigmentation, ageing and the functioning of the human body.

Danné was one of the first biochemists to discover the properties of enzymes to hydrate the skin properties of enzymes to moisturise and tighten the skin. His

research with vitamin C therapy as an anti-free radical and collagen-generating

the collagen generator lasted 4 decades.

As a pioneer in the field of skin research, he focused on the development of skin treatments for the face and body, based on the use of perfectly balanced ingredients and addressing the needs of the body’s cellular structure.

Find Your DMK Skincare at Moma

You can find DMK Skincare at MoMa Estética Avanzada Antiaging in Puerto de Javea.

MoMa Estética Avanzada Antiaging specialises in facial and body treatments and nutrition services. They also have state-of-the-art medical-aesthetic equipment: Imperium Med 400 and LPG Alliance Endermologie.

Their concept of understanding Advanced Anti-Aging Aesthetics is based on caring for the wellbeing and overall health of each client.

Contact: 636872302


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