Doner kebab is in danger of being banned in Spain

A favourite quick bite for British people living, the doner kebab is in danger of being banned in Spain. EU politicians have recently warned that phosphates used to sustain moisture in the kebab meats should be banned due to a link with heart disease.


Hugely popular in the UK and with internationals living in Spain, the doner kebab in its current form risks being banned due to the use of the additive. Recent studies have found that consuming phosphates can increase the risk of heart disease. Not known for its healthy qualities anyway, this news may encourage people to cut back on the originally Turkish food whether the ban comes into place or not.


The EU Health Committee recently voted to reject a proposal to authorise the use of phosphates in various meats. Looking forward, an upcoming vote in the EU Parliament on the use of phosphates, may not only ban doner kebabs in Spain, but all over the EU – putting kebab business owners at risk. Kenan Koyuncu from the German Association of Doner Kebab Producers inferred that this would force a collapse of the kebab industry in Europe.


So it remains to be seen whether the British favourite will be available in the foreseeable future, or whether many kebab businesses will be forced out of business.

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