Some Colourful Catalan Phrases You Should Know Right Now

There has been a lot of talking about Catalonia, lately. Still, besides the political news, the top posts on touristic attractions or the many local fiestas we all know about, Catalan everyday life has its course, its habits and, definitely, its colourful expressions. So if you have ever wondered how does everyday life sounds in Catalonia, here is a brief insight into some original and unexpected choices of words.


DÉU N’HI DO! – This common exclamation means Wow! or Amazing! – in the good, as well as the bad sense.


S’HA ACABAT EL BROQUIL – Meaning, word to word, there’s no more broccoli, this expression is used to indicate the end of a deception or a trickery, when someone’s dastardly plans have been uncovered or their unacceptable behaviour has been stopped.


FER PASSAR BOU PER BÈSTIA GROSSA – This expression is perfect for calling out the snob with the fake accesories. Fer passar bou per bèstia grossa literally means to pass some fatty beef as prime quality meat – basically, to make something cheap or low-quality appear better than it actually it is. It is used, for instance, when covering up poor workmanship or a rushed job, or when referring to people’s profile photos on social media.


QUATRE GATS – People say two is better than one. In Catalonia, tough, there better be at least four. The literally meaning of Quatre gats is four cats and the expression is used to refer to low attendance, like a lame party with a small turnout.


ANAR A ESCAMPAR LA BOIRA – The literal meaning is to clear the fog. The expression translates into taking a break from something (or someone) harmful, getting away from a complicated situation, in order to clear one’s mind.


BEURE OLI – To drink oil, literally, translates into Catalan language into I’ve failed. When someone ha bengut oli means that someone did a huge error that has no solution.


FER-NE CINC CÈNTIMS – Make it five cents. When you want a quick summary of something, because you don’t have the time or mood to chat, that’s how you say you put it.


FOTEM UN CAFÉ? – Let’s ‘make love’ to a coffee, meaning let’s go for a coffee, because you really need one.

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