Dexcaro Ossadía: A Gastronomic Feast for Your Holiday Celebrations

Near Denia’s Port, where elegance meets innovation, Dexcaro Ossadía stands as a testament to culinary excellence. With the festive season upon us, this establishment is ready to captivate your senses with a unique holiday menu, curated by Chef Carlos G Moreno.

Amidst the exquisite walls of Dexcaro Ossadía emerges a culinary symphony orchestrated by the talented Chef Carlos G Moreno. His culinary approach stands as a passionate tribute to local produce, elevating each dish with an innovative touch that captures the essence of the region and its surroundings. Moreno becomes a flavor storyteller, blending native ingredients with avant-garde techniques, thus transforming each creation into a unique sensory experience.

His commitment to the Women in Gastronomy association reflects his support for diversity and female empowerment in the culinary field. Additionally, his active presence in the haute cuisine scene not only showcases his culinary artistry but also his tireless dedication to elevate local gastronomy to new heights, setting a benchmark for innovation and excellence in every dish that leaves his kitchen.

A Matchless Festive Banquet

From December 18th to the 30th, except on the 24th, @dexcaro.denia welcomes you to indulge in an exclusive Christmas menu. This gastronomic offering mirrors the essence of Ossadía and the Urban Food menu, blending distinctive flavors into a unique culinary experience.

If you’re seeking an unforgettable experience on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, Dexcaro Ossadía offers a special package designed for two. Make your reservation and pick up your order on the 24th and 31st of December to savor the distinctiveness of Dexcaro Ossadía from the comfort of your home.

The exquisite Christmas menu promises delights such as Ferrero micuit bonbons, rose sauce and kimchi tartlet, crispy prawn with mango and corn, herb butter and burrata-filled pita bread, quail KFC with sweet chili exotics; Japanese BBQ sauce pork knuckle, Peruvian causa with pico de gallo, and Pantera Rosa dessert.

Starting the Year Dexcaro Style

To kick off the year Dexcaro-style, enjoy their carbonated grapes: twelve grapes accompanied by cava and a fortune cookie, setting the best intentions for the upcoming year. Furthermore, for every menu and pack of grapes sold, the restaurant will donate €1 to the Raquel Payá foundation, ensuring that no child goes without a gift this Christmas.

Behind the Culinary Symphony

Chef Carlos G. Moreno, the culinary maestro behind D’Excaro Experience, embarked on a culinary journey with Dexcaro, adorning a space created with the help of friends. In Denia’s capital, he unveiled D’Excaro Urban Food a few years ago, marking his debut in the Marina Alta region.

In February 2022, D’Excaro Experience was born: an impressive presentation offering a cultural and flavorful journey through three tasting menus. Moreno’s culinary philosophy revolves around embracing local flavors and extrapolating them across cultures.

In this culinary adventure, Moreno is joined by the young Peruvian chef, Mery Willis. Her tenacity and dedication shine through despite her youth, presenting dishes with precision and passion.

“I like to pick up typical local flavors but transpose them into other cultures.” – Chef Carlos G. Moreno

In summary, Dexcaro Ossadía is not just a restaurant, it’s a culinary experience that combines elegance, innovation, and a passion for local flavors. With each dish, Chef Carlos G Moreno and his team take diners on a sensory journey, where attention to detail and the fusion of cultures become the signature of this gastronomic haven in Denia.

So, this festive season, let Dexcaro Ossadía host your celebrations. Enjoy their festive menus, immerse yourself in Moreno’s culinary mastery, and toast to a new year filled with exquisite flavors and memorable moments. Discover the magic in every dish and celebrate the holidays with the gastronomic delight that only Dexcaro Ossadía can offer.

Contact Details:

For reservations: 633 032 614

Abu L, Dexcaro Restaurant, C/ Del Salt, 1B, 03700 Dénia, Alicante


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