Dexcaro Ossadía in Denia: The Restaurant That Revolutionizes the Culinary Scene

Dexcaro Ossadía is not your ordinary restaurant. The moment you step through its front door, you’ll notice in the decor, the lighting, and the overall ambiance that you’re in for a completely unique experience.

As you enter, you’re greeted by Carlos G. Moreno, a young and friendly chef who creates exquisite dishes in the kitchen alongside his right-hand, Mery. Carlos is one of those individuals who never stop creating, and it’s evident at first sight, especially on his menu.

The restaurant exudes a touch of New York flair. Some messages in neon lights adorn the walls, and the dining area is spacious, with hanging plants in various corners. The upholstery, wall colors, and tables; everything has been meticulously designed. Each element on one side connects with another elsewhere. It’s clear that nothing is left to chance.


Dining at Dexcaro departs from the offerings at surrounding restaurants. It can be described as an immersive experience, akin to attending a performance filled with surprises. So, when you step into Dexcaro, the journey begins.

You’re seated at high tables and offered a delicious pisco chilcano appetizer (tonic, ginger beer with dehydrated orange, and lemon zesta) along with Peruvian potato chips. Then, a mini-show unfolds: everything comes in miniature format to delight your palate without overwhelming your stomach. A popcorn croquette, a sobrasada and anchovy macaron, and a traditional little omelette served in a popcorn-style container like the ones you get at the cinema. That’s just the beginning! But we won’t give away all the secrets. If you’re up for the experience, we encourage you to book a table to find out more.

However, Dexcaro isn’t just about the immersive experience; it also offers a typical tapas route or a burger for those who prefer a more urban dining option.

For the daring, the experience can go a step further – this is where Ossadía comes in. It’s located within the same restaurant but in a separate room and offers an entirely different proposition.


You’ll traverse a corridor connecting the main dining area, passing through the kitchen, and finally arriving at this unique room. Carlos opens the door, and you’re transported to a world of sublime magic. In the center of the room, there’s a fabulous wooden table set for eight people, but it’s also an experience that can be enjoyed individually. The idea of this space is to relish haute cuisine, personally attended to by the chef.

The room is exquisitely designed and full of surprises. The music, the way the food is presented, the smoke rising from the corners, trays seemingly floating in the air; it’s the closest thing to an immersive show you can participate in.

Ossadía is for the adventurous, for those seeking moments beyond the ordinary, desserts that transport you to your childhood, music that makes you feel like you’re in the middle of a movie.

That’s why we say it “revolutionizes the culinary scene” because Carlos Moreno has created an experience that begins the moment you walk through the front door and continues until your last sip before paying the bill and leaving.

What would life be if we always did the same thing? Dexcaro Ossadía is an invitation to engage your senses, to immerse yourself in the magic of the moment, and let go.

If you’re strolling through Denia or planning to visit this beautiful town on the Costa Blanca, we highly recommend Dexcaro Ossadía. It’s a must-include on your culinary tour. Life is lived once, so why not turn it into a fun game where you experience the pleasure of the new.

Break the rules! Book your table and savor an exceptional culinary experience at Dexcaro Ossadía!


Contact Details:
For reservations: 633 032 614
Abu L, Dexcaro Restaurant, C/ Del Salt, 1B, 03700 Dénia, Alicante



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