Defeat your addiction with a professional treatment in Triora

An addiction is a serious problem that requires an adequate treatment to overcome it. Nowadays, the best option is to go to a private clinic where they can provide you with the professional help you need. In Triora you will be offered a fully customized rehabilitation that suits you and your needs. Regain control of your life with the professional treatment of Triora.


When you suffer from an addiction, the decision to look for help is a very important step. But how can you know who is the most appropriate professional to help you defeat your problem? The 16 years of experience endorse the Triora Method as one of the most effective you can find in Europe. With this exclusive method the body, mind and soul of the patient are treated at the same time in order to stabilize him completely at all levels.


Detox in Triora

Do you have problems with drinking? Are you addicted to gambling? Recognizing it is a very brave step. The problems that are treated in the clinics of Triora are those that mainly affect the consumption of alcohol, cocaine and cannabis, as well as addiction to gambling and betting. Triora’s rehabilitation centre can help you regain control and live a full life. Its team of professionals is highly qualified to treat addictions and to help its patients to find the meaning of their life beyond drugs or alcohol. Whether you speak English or Spanish, Triora employees are your best option to overcome your illness.


Overcome your addiction in Triora


Professional support during treatment and aftercare

Triora is part of Parnassia Groep, whose purpose is to provide help to people with psychological problems, such as addictions. For this, a recovery treatment is offered in five stages. After an initial interview and the acceptance of the addiction, the patient will undergo a detoxification treatment under medical supervision. Then the real treatment begins, in which self-help methods are strengthened and also the patient’s family can be included in the recovery process. If the patient has been admitted to the clinic, after a treatment of one to four months he or she will return home, where he or she will have to practice the techniques learned from Triora professionals. Once the treatment is finished, exhaustive follow-ups are carried out and the possibility of going to self-help groups and emotional support is offered.


Follow an internal treatment at the Triora Clinic


The admission treatment in the clinics includes a program with individual sessions and group meetings where different topics are treated, such as therapies, rational and emotional aspects and relapse prevention. For this, Triora has experts in addiction recovery, psychologists and psychiatrists. In addition, counselling for family and friends of the patient is also provided.


Recover from your addiction with the Triora Method

You have to be aware that your problem not only affects you, but also your family suffers it. That is why it is so important that you go as soon as possible to the professionals of Triora, who will manage the most appropriate treatment for your personal case. For this you will be given several options. In mild cases the disease can be treated at home or through medical observation in Triora clinics. However, if your case is more serious and certain medical risks are observed, temporary or outpatient admission will be recommended in one of the clinics. Triora has clinics in Alicante (calle Hogar Provincial, 12) and Málaga (Carretera Moclinejo, kilometer 1) and they have also recently opened a centre for outpatient treatment in the old town of Madrid (calle Alberto Aguilera, 29, ground floor), putting at your disposal different alternatives so that overcoming your addiction is easier.



Do you think you have an addiction? Look for the help you need today, for your sake and that of your family. The first consultation is free. On the Triora website you can find tests to check if you have a problem: If you need more information, please contact the clinic in Alicante through the telephone number +34 965 150 965, with the clinic in Malaga through the telephone number +34 952 641 207 and with the clinic in Madrid through the number +34 911 697 207. Also, if you want to call from abroad, the direct telephone number for international patients is +44 (0) 8000 88 50 19.


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