Arturo Llobell of Clinica Llobell Cortell: Why I trained so hard in Pennsylvania

As we have learned in previous features, Dr. Arturo Llobell of Clinica Llobell Cortell in Valencia is highly qualified and respected in the field of dentistry, both as a specialist practitioner and a lecturer and teacher. Obviously, dentists have to attain a certain level of experience and expertise to practice, but Spain Life Exclusive wanted to find out why Doctor Llobell felt it necessary to attain such a high level of postgraduate training. The answer is simple:


‘I wanted to be the best I could be, so I went for the best possible training with the University of Pennsylvania.’





Why would the young man whose heart is firmly located in Valencia want to travel so far in pursuit of excellence? Well, the University of Pennsylvania is one of the most prestigious in the United States as well as a member of the Ivy League – a selection of USA’s most prestigious universities (including Harvard, Yale, and Columbia) and with rigorous standards for admission. Dr. Llobell’s 4-year postgraduate training program admits just four students each year, selected worldwide.


Not only was Arturo selected, but he also won the Best Resident Award for his class, called the Arnold S. Weisgold award. The teaching program is challenging and very much clinically focused, with students working eight hours a day treating patients in ‘real-life’ situations. There’s not a lot of sitting around in libraries and lecture theatres for these students!


Before heading to America, Arturo spent a year training in Madrid, and after completing 10 years of training he is now considered an expert in two separate specialties, allowing him a broader spectrum of treatment knowledge, which means he can treat the more complex cases. Whatever your dental problem, it can be safely and speedily addressed at Clinica Llobell Cortell. It’s not just the training that makes for better treatment, though. The School of Dentistry at the University of Pennsylvania is world-renowned, and its students have access to the latest in technological innovations. When the best training is combined with
the latest technology, it can only be good news for the patients.



Arturo is still linked to the University of Pennsylvania, as he was offered a faculty position upon his graduation. This is something that Arturo keeps with great honor and respect while keeping in continuous touch with the school and their latest innovations as well as visiting two or three times a year “in person” for a few days of teaching. However, you can take the
man out of Valencia, but you can’t take Valencia out of the man. Arturo, like his father, grandfather, and great grandfather before him, is not only an excellent dentist, he’s a proud Valenciano too. He wanted to bring his skills home, not just for his patients, but for the next generations of dentists.



He is very keen to ensure that all patients check the credentials of their prospective dentists
before committing to treatment. He says:



‘I am proud of the level of training I have been able to achieve, and so is any self-respecting dental practitioner. Ask to see their qualifications, so you can be sure they can diagnose and treat your dental issues, no matter how complex they may be. It takes skill and commitment to go through extra training after the challenge of completing a degree in dentistry, and that same skill and commitment should be available to all patients. You owe it to yourself to get the best treatment possible, with the best long-term outcomes. That doesn’t come from basic training. It takes years of specialized study.’



Contact Clinica Llobell Cortell to discuss your dental treatment requirements with the experts. You can be sure of receiving the latest treatment with favorable long-term outcomes. Not every dental clinic – or every dentist – can confidently give such a guarantee.


Contact details:

Calle Cirilo Amorós, 44
46004 Valencia
Telephone: 963 81 04 55

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