Casa Benjamín: Aceituning and Tapeo, Wines and Liquors, Music and Atmosphere

At Casa Benjamín, vanguard and customs blend originally: new twists and traditional dishes, accompanied by a special selections of drinks, together with live music events, and a multinational clientele – they all make this bodega in Dénia a great choice.


The history of Casa Benjamín started in 1906, in Dénia. This tavern has become, over the years, a symbol of the bar culture and of the vermouth, in the city. The place was reopened recently, with a fresh and modern touch, still keeping alive the spirit that made the place so famous. Casa Benjamín is the place to enjoy good food, drink good wines and liquors, listen to live flamenco and, above all, socialise. And it remains the place where the vermouth and the Port come straight out of the barrels, and where you can sit at the bar, meet and mingle with the people of Dénia, and accompany your glass with a tasty, traditional tapa. But today Casa Benjamín is also the place where you can discover a new ways and new tastes coming from far away.



Let’s start with a glass of vermouth and some aceituning. The aceituning is the new culinary concept of Casa Benjamín that consists in the enrichment of the olives with all kinds of original dressings, leading to special tapas that are as surprising as they are tasty. Still, the olives are not the only original tapas one can try at Casa Benjamín. Accompanying the traditional vermouth, you might try tastes from all over the world, in the shape of special tapas, like Viva Zapata – a Mexican montadito on tortilla, Masdrovia – the Russian borsch soup, or of a Perutapa – ceviche with mango. These tapas, as well as many other, are seasonal, thus changing at least 4 times a year.



If you’re looking for Valencian traditions, try the coca with anchovies, espencat and sausages (embotits de la Marina). Espencat is a dish whose name comes from the Valencian pencar, making strips, and consists of red bell pepper and aubergine stripes, cooked in the oven, with salted cod fish. Also, among the dishes of the house, Casa Benjamín recommends their Benjaminets, or the “bocadillets of tuna fish, olives and mussels. We served them pretty elegantly, still without the napkin, so that you can have a good excuse to lick your fingers” the team jokes.



Fore more information on Casa Benjamín, check their page:

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