Caballero Moraira: an exclusive experience of style and high-quality clothing

On a fateful April 1st, Caballero Moraira opened its doors. Karolien Van Dael and Bert Wets had envisioned a unique shopping experience, a high-quality men’s clothing store that would transcend the ordinary. Their goal was to create a haven where men could not only find impeccable fashion but also feel at ease and truly enjoy their time spent within its walls.

After 10 years of successful experience along with her mother at Jose’phina Boutique, a women’s clothing boutique with authentic and quality brands located in Moraira (Spain), Karolien wanted to take a step further and explore a new concept together with Bert.

caballero moraira

Caballero’s philosophy revolves around the idea of providing more than just a shopping destination. It’s an enhanced experience. A place where men can unwind, relax, and truly immerse themselves in the world of fashion. Step in and you’ll find spacious fitting rooms, adorned with curtains that close effortlessly, ensuring privacy. 

The carpeted floors beckon men to shed their shoes and indulge in the comfort of barefoot shopping. A selection of coffees, gins, and champagnes await, tantalizing the senses and enhancing the experience.

caballero moraira

The Experience at Caballero

The warm and attentive staff at Caballero Moraira epitomize hospitality. Fluent in multiple languages—Dutch, German, English, and Spanish—they welcome each visitor with open arms. The unique approach of this new and amazing space lies in the fact that, while the focus is on dressing men, the attendants are all women. They understand that many men may feel uncertain about fashion choices, and their mission is to provide guidance and support.

The store’s elegant décor reflects the creative touch of Bert Wets, a celebrated chef, artists and business owner, Karolien and her father. They dedicated seven weeks to transforming the space, laboring over details such as cementing and flooring. The floor itself is a familiar sight, mirroring that of the renowned restaurant Le Dauphin, a subtle reminder that each establishment is connected, forming a cohesive part of a larger artistic vision.

caballero moraira

Caballero Moraira not only houses a collection of impeccable clothing but also proudly displays sculptures by renowned artists Malabia and Codersh. These captivating artworks add an extra touch of artistic charm to the store, creating a fusion of fashion and artistic expression.

Caballero’s philosophy revolves around staying in tune with fashion trends, providing high-quality products, and continuously elevating the level of personalized service. To foster a sense of community, the boutique hosts monthly events for 15 men, featuring music, gin and whisky tastings, and darts competitions. These gatherings create an atmosphere of shared experiences and provide valuable insights into customers’ needs, enabling constant improvement.

Caballero Moraira: The Collection

Karolien and Bert aim to strike the perfect balance between exclusivity and affordability, catering to the upper-middle-class clientele. The aspiration is to expand its stores along the Costa Blanca, ensuring more men can experience the unique blend of style and comfort that Josephine’s offers.

Starting from September, Caballero will proudly boast the exclusivity of the renowned Hugo Boss brand. Alongside this prestigious label, the store showcases a carefully curated collection of Belgian and Dutch brands, catering to the tastes of the vibrant audience that visits and resides in Moraira.

caballero moraira

She carefully curates its collection, featuring renowned brands such as Brax, Blue Industry, Fynch & Hatton, Alberto (German pants), Sir Redman, and Benson & Jerry. Among them is a standout brand named Lords of Harlech, offering stylish swimwear paired with shirts in vibrant floral tones—a perfect ensemble for those looking to make a statement at a beachside restaurant.

What will you find at Caballero? A range of casual yet well-dressed items tailored to the modern man’s needs. From comfortable polos and day shirts to elegant dress shirts and suits (with future plans to offer customizable suits), every aspect of the wardrobe is covered. The store also boasts a selection of Martinelli and Berchelmann shoes, Golden Hours, exquisite perfumes, state of the art accessories, unique watches and, why not, boxers.

Contact details:

Carretera Moraira – Calpe 11

Rada de Moraira, Spain

Phone: +34 965 27 07 64


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