Art 9 Gallery: Where Art Emerges in Moraira

Some places remain in your memory. They provoke you unexpected artistic sensations and make you reflect upon this and that, inviting you to explore the aesthetics of them. The incredible Art 9 Gallery, in Moraira (Spain), is one of those special spaces of creation. A place where every brushstroke and sculpted curve becomes a portal to artistic expression. And this is their story. 

In 2014, Bert Wets and Karolien Van Dael embarked on a passionate endeavor, opening the first art gallery in Moraira. With over 55 years of experience in the hospitality industry, their deep appreciation for art and decoration inspired them to create a unique space that would mirror the exquisite dining experiences they offer in their restaurants. The result? A perfect fusion of culinary excellence and artistic expression, but without dining.

Bert Wets, not only a gallery owner but also an accomplished artist, has gained recognition worldwide for his bronze art. His pieces find their way into the homes of clients across the globe, adorning their spaces with beauty and sophistication. But Bert’s artistic vision extends beyond his own creations.

bert wets

Art 9 Gallery: a myriad of talented artists

Collaborating with a myriad of talented artists, Art 9 Gallery curates an exceptional collection that showcases the best of the area and even the world. Bert and Karolien take great pride in exclusively working with artists who have truly mastered their craft. Their passion lies in sharing these exceptional talents with their clients and friends.

“We are incredibly proud to partner with some of the most brilliant artists in our region and beyond. The abundance of talent is simply awe-inspiring, and we feel compelled to introduce their work to our cherished clients and friends. When they appreciate and embrace the art we present, it fills us with an even greater sense of pride, knowing that we have contributed to enhancing their homes and workplaces”, says Bert.

art 9 gallery

At the foundry he met different artists, two of them always exhibited in the gallery, Malabia and Codersh. Both won the First Queen Sofia Prize, which is the most important one in Spain. Now he works exclusively with them and their art. Tony Mari is a renowned local artist who makes iron sculptures also working with the gallery.

At Art 9 Gallery you can also find paintings from Belgian, German, Spanish and Dutch artists, which are precisely the people living in Moraira. The paintings displayed are made in oil or acrylic, and together they create an eclectic but complete collection of masterworks. 

But this is not enough for Bert and Karolien: they keep growing and continue looking for excellent new artists, not only well established signatures. 

An immersive experience at Art 9 Gallery 

At Art 9 Gallery, the experience is harmonious and immersive. The dedication to excellence and artistic craftsmanship, sets the stage for a journey of sensory delights. Every piece meticulously selected finds its rightful place, adding depth, meaning, and beauty to the spaces they inhabit.

Bert and Karolien’s passion for art is infused into every aspect of their gallery. It is a testament to their lifelong commitment to hospitality and their desire to create memorable experiences. Through their gallery, they invite you to indulge in the power of artistic expression, to surround yourself with the creations that stir your soul, and to appreciate the undeniable connection between art and fine dining, but with actual food.

art 9 gallery

But they also bring the art to other uncommon places. They rotate them among other locations, like the dream restaurant Le Dauphin, in Cala El Portet, or the high quality men’s clothing store Caballero, also in Moraira.

What they want to achieve is to bring art to the people of Moraira and, above all, that everyone is able to take art home. The gallery, open from Monday to Friday, is an excellent place to contemplate and find new ways to express old ideas. 

Contact information: 

Carretera Moraira-Calpe 147

03724 Moraira

Alicante – Spain

Tel: +34 693 809 079


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