Boutique Hotel El Capricho: New Artist Exhibit Juli-Anne Coward

A Sanctuary of Art and History

In the heart of Spain’s tranquil Vall de Gallinera, Boutique Hotel El Capricho stands as a labor of love by Werner and Lisa, a Dutch couple who traded the hustle of Puerto Banus for the serenity of the valley. This charming hotel was once an olive press in 1851 and has been transformed into a sanctuary for guests seeking tranquility and a touch of history. The spa, once a humble donkey stable, now offers a cold pool and warm jacuzzi, inviting guests to unwind and rejuvenate. The hotel’s pool, transformed from an old water depot, serves as a peaceful oasis for relaxation.Werner and Lisa’s dedication to personalizing each guest’s stay is evident in the bespoke experiences offered at Boutique Hotel El Capricho. From relaxing massages to a selection of tapas paired with cava and wine, each detail is carefully curated to ensure a unique and memorable stay. Customizable packages, including breakfast and premium bath products, allow guests to tailor their experience, making each visit truly one of a kind.

Juli-Anne Coward’s Latest Exhibition

The Boutique Hotel El Capricho is proud to present the works of Juli-Anne Coward, a talented artist whose captivating pieces will be on display. Born in the Lake District, Juli-Anne’s journey from textile industry worker to accomplished artist is truly inspiring.

From Textiles to Art

Juli-Anne Coward’s early career involved working as a spool setter and sewing machinist. Her artistic journey began with a Foundation in Art and Design at Cumbria College of Art and Design, followed by a specialization in Illustration at the Bath Academy of Arts. Since then, she has exhibited her works in galleries across the UK, Portugal, and Spain.

Unique Artistic Style

Juli-Anne’s art focuses on buildings, capturing their inherent energy. She does not plan her paintings meticulously; instead, she lets the buildings guide the division of color blocks. Her works are known for their dramatic use of color and experimentation with various media like collage, plaster, and inks.

Recognition and Accolades

Juli-Anne’s painting of Bristol Cathedral gained significant recognition, being used for the Cathedral’s publicity and Christmas card in 2008. She was also shortlisted for the ‘2008 Canon and Art Business Today print to win competition’ and her work was featured in the Bristol Art book published in 2021.

Upcoming Art Tour in Beniali

In addition to Juli-Anne’s exhibit, there will be an art tour organized in Beniali around October. This tour will offer art enthusiasts an opportunity to explore various artistic expressions in a charming setting.

Don’t miss this chance to experience Juli-Anne Coward’s remarkable works at Boutique Hotel El Capricho and enjoy the serene charm of Vall de Gallinera.


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Boutique Hotel El Capricho

Carrer Trinquet 7, 03787 Beniali Alicante

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