Botanico Cosmetology and Wellness, Javea – (It’s Not JUST For Us Ladies)

botanico-maleThis is not only a wellness retreat for us ladies, but also for the lovely men in our lives who I’m sure could do with some time off away from the stresses and strains of the world – just as we do. And let’s be honest girls, once he gets to know about this place – we’ll be able to spend more time there too.

Botanico it seems, was a well kept secret until they let us through their doors. Villa Del Mar Botanico overlooks unspoilt views of the crystal clear Mediteranean sea, and is without doubt, one of life’s hidden gems.

As soon as we walked through the door, we knew we were in for a treat.

First we met with Latvian born owner Elena Ulanova. Elena is also the owner of the Botanico Bar on The Arenal in Javea, and has lived there for a little over six years.

When Elena opened the doors to Botanico in May 2016, it was much more than simply opening a business for her, it was realizing a life-long dream. For ten years, Elena had been searching for that special place. She had a vision of how it would look, and she stayed loyal to that vision until she found it. An important part of that vision was to be able to look out over the sea, and for her clients to experience the benefits, the views, sea air and tranquility that would bring to them.

As wellness comes from the inside out, Elena decided to create a sanctuary where everything you can imagine could be experienced in one place. Botanico even has a chef preparing healthy snacks, juices and lunches for those who want to stay a while longer, or simply relax between treatments.

The treatment areas scream luxury!


From crystal chandeliers and soft music, to elegant furnishings and soft colors to ease you into that place of total relaxation, Botanico has literally thought of everything you would wish to see and experience in a wellness center.

We also met briefly with Sandra who is Botanico‘s top Masseuse. Sandra has studied all over the world perfecting her art. From Harrods in London, to France and Asia. She explained to us about the different cultures including the variations in the techniques she acquired in Bali, Thailand and Indonesia, all of which ultimately credited her with the qualifications she has today. Sandra took her first course in massage 13 years ago and has been learning new techniques ever since.


“What’s it like working in Botanico?”

“Oh, this place is unique – to find all of these treatments and amazing professionals in one place… is quite rare.  The location is perfect and so beautiful to look at. Everyone is always so happy,  you can really feel it in the energy here.” ~ Sandra, (Masseuse)

The treatments available are endless. From exclusive wraps (below)with professional cosmetics «Beauty SPA» and «Kleraderm from (Italy) you get to pamper your skin and restore its super-smooth, moisture saturation and elastic tone.  With the use of necessary macro- and micro-elements, elimination of toxins and excess fluid, cleanses the skin and combats cellulite.


Botanico understands that not all treatments suit all people. once you are introduced to a particular treatment the Botanico culture is to allow each individual to ‘FEEL’ the effect it has on them… and let that do the talking – speaking directly to the body if you like. This understanding takes shape in the form of a ‘guided’ teaching for the body. When the body responds – the body comes back for more.

Botanico offers treatments that are based on ‘goodness’ – organic goodness. Even the hair treatments, lotions and make-up (including the water) are hand picked for this reason and the client in mind. They are also some of the very best products that can be found on the market.

Botanico also offers gym facilities that will simply blow you away. If the panoramic view of the ocean doesn’t get you exercising,  then I don’t know what will.

Electrical stimulation of muscles – The ideal body for 25 minutes!

gymDuring EMS training all muscle groups are worked out at the same time: up to 85% of the total muscle mass. The advantage of EMS training is fast fat burning and gain of the muscle relief. The impact of EMS pulses is adjusted for each muscle group separately.

Come and experience for yourself the future of fitness.

Keep an eye out for our weekly Botanico offers and up coming events. You definitely wont want to miss this. And don’t whatever you do, forget to book in advance as the secret’s already out and business is literally booming.

“Pssst! Girl’s – See you there for a juice and manicure.”

For a complete list of treatments or to book an overnight stay in one of their luxurious rooms.




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