Antonio Rosello and AR Luxury Living: the Perenity of Success

Today for Spain Life Exclusive we have the privilege of speaking to a successful and inspirational businessman who has been developing in the property world since the 1990s. Antonio Rosello is the founder and managing director of AR Luxury Living, one of the leading luxury property sales companies on the Costa Blanca. With his long experience in the industry, he has seen the region evolve and adapt to the demands of the real estate market. In this interview, he talks about the specifics of the Costa Blanca real estate market and his experience running his business in an ever-changing environment. We’ll also talk about his focus on sustainability and his vision for the development of the real estate market in Jávea and Costa Blanca.

Spain Life Exclusive: What do you think differentiates Costa Blanca from other property markets and how have you adapted your approach to meet the unique demands of this region?

Antonio Rosello: The Costa Blanca is one of the preferred destinations for Northern European clients as we have a privileged climate, good gastronomy, good services, etc. The people who decide to come to live here are seeking an unbeatable quality of life. Our work at AR Luxury Living is to access our client’s desires in that sense and offer them the property of their dream. This is the main reason why we stand out from the rest of the tourist areas.

SLE: Since 1990, how much has your territory changed and how has AR Luxury adapted to it?

A.R. In our business everything goes very fast, the way of working has changed radically and every day is a new learning process in terms of IT, marketing, etc. and we have to keep on our toes and train daily to keep being among the best.

SLE: What was your biggest challenge at the head of AR Luxury Living – and how did you overcome it – and has it been your greatest success so far?

A.R. I have been in this business since 1990 and have promoted more than 1.000 properties… The biggest challenge was after the crisis of 2008 to reorganise my company and specialise in luxury homes. Fortunately, it has been our best decision!

SLE: In recent years there has been a growing trend towards sustainable and eco-friendly buildings, how do you see the impact of this trend on the Costa Blanca property market, and how are you preparing to meet the demand for more sustainable properties?

A.R I am an advocate of sustainable buildings and we have to be aware that environmental issues are now an absolute priority in all industries. We are of course scrupulously complying with all new regulations in place in that respect and incorporating more and more pollution and energy-efficient technologies into our properties.

SLE: Also, what are your predictions for the evolution of the property market in Javea and Costa Blanca?

A.R. I think that if we can take care of our magnificent living space and environment as well as not overcrowd our territory, people will continue to choose Costa Blanca as their top destination to come and live.

Contact Antonio at AR Luxury Living
03730 Xàbia/Jávea (Alicante) – SPAIN
Telf.: (+34) 607 463 902

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