Your Home Style from Viste Casa

If you are looking for the latest trends in interior design, or for a specific style, or if you just need to add an original touch to your home, then we have one name for you: Viste Casa. Founded and run by American designer Irene Mason, the business blends perfectly the services of a furniture store with those of an experimented interior designer.


“We can deliver your house from top to bottom, key in hand, Irene explains. We have the latest trends, here in the store, and we have furniture, rugs, decoration, practically everything you want for a certain style. You just need to bring the suitcase” she jokes. Viste Casa offers a wide choice in terms of specific items of interior design, but Irene would also assist you with a complete project of interior design for the house.


With experience in architectural studio and having ran her own design studio for over 7 years, in the U.S., Irene Mason can deliver a highly professional level, is able to include the wow effect when (and where) needed. She creates according to space, client, demands and budget. “We successfully work for low budgets” she adds, emphasising upon their flexibility to select materials and pieces that suit various financial criteria.




“I have never create the same environment twice” Irene comments. Every pallete of colours, textures and shapes is designed for one project only, reflecting a certain style or eclectic approach, and considering the clients’ demands as well as the shape of the space, its functionality and its own needs in terms of light, accents, depth, flexibility, ergonomy and, definitely, atmosphere.




At the Viste Casa store in Calpe you can find about any design style or atmosphere you’d think of, from Art Nouveau inspired kitchen designs to authentic Japanese wall dividers, from unique, contemporary pieces of furniture to classy rich details, and from Baroque inspired lamps to abstract accents, all mixed into original design stories.


To find more on Viste Casa, visit their Facebook page

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