Year Round Rattan From Bello Horizonte

Wicker furniture may conjure thoughts of warm summer evenings sitting in the garden, enjoying a refreshing drink. And now, as the summer temperatures cool, you may be thinking it’s time to put that beautiful rattan furniture away and see it again next summer. 

Wicker furniture is not just for your conservatory anymore.The trend of wicker interiors is getting more and more popular.

Bello horizonte continues to bring us one of a kind, unique furniture from all over the world and we here at Spain Life Exclusive continue to tell you all about the ways you can use it to style your interiors.

These days, the natural woven wood finish is being combined with more contemporary peices for a fresh and modern look. Wicker, which refers to the method of weaving, and rattan, which is one material often used for weaving, both offer a way off adding texture to any space and their boho feel is undeniably charming.


There are many ways to incorporate this rustic texture into your space.


Wicker baskets and storage boxes offer a non-commital way to add rattan finishes into your room.


Accents in the form of lamps and other small details are another way in which you can bring the wicker indoors.



However, the wicker trend is not limited to just baskets and boxes. These days you can buy entire sofas or dining sets finished with this style.


This is a greast trend if you want to add some natural fibers into your space. The wicker will bring warmth, texture and the feeling of summer wherever you decide to incorporate it.


The shop also offers interior designer service in order to personalize your home and look after the details that would make your house special. They work with unique designer items brought form places such as China, Indonesia, India or Europe.


Located in Jávea, Bello Horizonte is one of the most exclusive furniture stores with over 12 years’ experience in the industry. They offer a wide range of furniture and decorative elements to suit all tastes. For more information, visit their website: or call them at +34 966 46 28 18.

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