Wildlife Conservation in Spain


Spain is a country dedicated to wildlife conservation and there are many national and natural parks dedicated to the preservation of their wildlife.

In Spain there are a large variety of national and natural parks dedicated to the preservation of their wildlife, including the flora and fauna, which is why Spain is considered one of the countries in the European Union to be the most dedicated to wildlife conservation.

Iberian Wolf

A century ago many species of their wildlife were on the edge of extinction, but their continued conservation efforts have proved effective and now provide protection for these species. Some of the protected Iberian animals include: storks, several species of vultures, the Iberian wolf, Iberian wild boar, Iberian lynx, Cantabrian brown bear and Iberian fox.

Iberian Lynx

There are other animals in Spain that are still seriously endangered and unfortunately only a handful of them still exist in the wild. Among the most threatened species in Spain are the Iberian lynxes and Cantabrian brown bears. To help with the conservation of their wildlife, Spain have recuperation projects underway in certain specialised centres to help restore the numbers of the most endangered and eventually aim to reintroduce them into the wild. They have already had a great success in raising these protected species in captivity.

Iberian Wolf - 2


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