WHERE MEN’S FASHION HAS NO EQUAL. Novo Zenter, the stores that give you your own personal look and style

Today we would like to talk about a fashion empire store with a unique history. This is a project that was born more than 30 years ago and has been continuing to evolve but at the same time always maintaining its essence.


We are talking today about the Novo Zenter fashion stores and their trajectory throughout all these years.
Jose Navarro Sanchez, the brains behind this venture and the owner of this creative project, tells us today about the history and the new projects he is also working on as this man never stops moving forward.









Novo Zenter is a group of multi-brand shops where you can find all manner of quality men’s fashions such as shirts, polo shirts, jackets, jeans, and more with brands such as Versace, Hugo Boss, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana available and a very special brand that is the star of the project, Alexander Hoffman.













This all started back in 1985 as that is when the idea of Novo Zenter was born but then it was under a different name. During those years, Jose Navarro traveled around the world took his fashion to other countries, and brought it closer to other cultures. What then occurred was that apart from growing and reaping success and acquiring incredible experience, he was also influenced above all by oriental countries and gave his project a flip over that was to highlight today his current great success.


It was in 2004 when this great change influenced by Zen culture took place and Novo Zenter was changed as we know it today with a more minimalist style a renewed image and an idea to focus on the brands that we find today.



Alexander Hoffman; his star project






Alexander Hoffman (Alexander Hoffman) is a brand that started commercial operations in 2015. although it was originally founded in the earlies 2000s it was not until then that it began to be sold in all of the Novo Zenter stores.














The essence of Alexander Hoffman is based on dressing up its customers with the total look that you can find from tailor-made suits to high-quality shoes on all occasions.



The tailoring services of Alexander Hoffman ensure the design and tailoring of customized suits is of the highest quality and under the advice of experts, the tailoring of Alexander suits is impeccable, carefully designed, and customized. They have their own tailoring workshop and provide exquisite fabric and textile choices to shape their unique clothing with excellent quality and outstanding personalized shapes and designs.



Ever since the Alexander Hoffman brand was created, it has always been available at Novo Zenter shops, but due to its success and trajectory, Jose Navarro tells us that he is working on opening an exclusive Alexander Hoffman store where you will find not only tailored suits but the Alexander total look that we have been talking about.


So, if you are looking for that special feeling of wearing the best in men’s fashion then we suggest you pay a visit to Novo Zenter where you can enjoy being dressed in not only high-quality fashion but also with a unique one-off item that no one else has either.


A truly wonderful experience is on your doorstep so call today or visit.




Contact Details:


Website: Alexander Hoffman shoes –

Address: Calle Bazan, 12


Tel: 610456173

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