Welcome to 2018

This year there will be the standard knowns with political arguments, disasters (some unnecessary), a Royal Wedding, perhaps a Royal baby or two, uncertainty about exchange rates, and people making what will turn out to be incorrect predictions. Then there will be the things we had no idea were going to happen. Obviously, I cannot tell you what these are.



From our side, in the personal finance and investment world, as always, we have to be prepared for everything, as best as we can. We also need to be available for when people have problems in an area where we can help.



Over the years, we can boast that we have not tied clients up in schemes which have been falling in value over the years with the continued fear that they will never be able to get hold of their money again. Through mis-selling and greed, there is a landscape of investment devastation. We never say that we are the best advisers in the world. What we do claim is that we operate in a manner which is fair and transparent and that, if you want to access your money at any time, within the stipulated rules made clear at outset (another grey area for most outlets of financial products), you can.



My resolution for this year is to provide more information. For investment clients, this will be through regular statements and more contact from me. For everybody, I will also be sending out regular pieces of financial news in a language that I hope you will understand.



As with any year, 2018 will have its shocks, surprises, disappointments and moments of joy. From a financial planning perspective, I will be here in Spain to help where I can.

I look forward to dealing with you in 2018.




John Hayward Cert PFS
The Spectrum IFA Group
Call or Whatsapp (0034) 618 204 731



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