Want to Improve Your Smile? Discover ACE DNTL State of the Art Veneers

Specialists in esthetic dentistry, ACE DNTL in Marbella has its own in-house ceramic veneer specialist, working with one patient a day to deliver flawless results. 


Dental veneers are one of the most demanded dental esthetic solutions nowadays and a very frequent treatment in esthetic dentistry. Thanks to dental veneers, fractured, stained, worn or uneven teeth can be corrected.

These small prostheses that are placed on the teeth, allow us to achieve spectacular results to improve the aesthetic appearance of our teeth and smile. ACE DNTL | STUDIO in Marbella, led by Dr Korkchi, strives to bring his Marbella patients a new, cutting-edge type of dentistry. He and his team have implemented a completely new process of a smile makeover, where no one needs to undergo uncomfortable temporaries for weeks, and absolutely no surprise about how your smile will turn out. 

Having received fantastic reviews in the Marbella community, ACE DNTL | STUDIO represents a game-changer in the dental field. The team boasts a multidisciplinary team of professionals passionate about dentistry and with great experience in a variety of treatments focused on improving dental aesthetics, among others. 



Benefits of Veneers

If you want to regain a beautiful smile, have manicured teeth, and feel better about yourself, dental veneers are a good option and very common in dental aesthetics. ACE DNTL can help you regain your confidence by offering benefits such as: 


They conceal imperfections. Thanks to dental veneers, the poor coloring of the teeth, possible interdental gaps, fissures, wear of the enamel, or small fractures are improved.

It’s a minimally invasive treatment. One of the great benefits of dental veneers is that it is a very effective and minimally invasive treatment as it does not involve any aggression to the tooth. Its placement is quick, simple, and completely painless and under the veneer, the tooth remains unaltered. This treatment of dental aesthetics does not involve any aggression to the gum.

They are very durable. The materials used to manufacture dental veneers guarantee that they will remain in perfect condition for many years. It is only important to have good oral hygiene, avoid smoking (as it can stain them with a yellowish color) or eliminate habits such as opening things with your teeth.

Natural-looking result. Thanks to the materials used in dental veneers, the result is completely natural, since both the shape and color of the original teeth can be reproduced. In this way there is no difference between the pieces that have veneers and those that do not.

ACE DNTL | STUDIO has its own master ceramist and lab director known as TJ. Having spent 15 years working in Scandinavia, TJ has constantly sought to advance in his field of ceramic veneers and specializes in digital workflow. 

What are the advantages of veneers with this technique?

  • Quickly see the final result.
  • Possibility of trying on several esthetic options until the one that satisfies the patient.
  • Create a unique smile.
  • Avoid surprises in the final result.

It is, therefore, a personalized and individualized study, and above all it allows TJ to make a minimally invasive treatment for the original enamel.




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