The Wait For High-Fashion is Over!

Good news for fashionistas! An increasing number of fashion labels are making their collections available moments after their runway debuts. The idea of having seasonal collections is starting to blur more than ever, as top designers catch up to the fast pace of modern consumers. This absolutely changes the timetable of the entire fashion industry. We will see more and more fashion that is designed for the season we are actually in, rather than being released months in advance. No more swimwear in February..!

ralph-laurenRalph Lauren’s ‘Runway Reinvented’ range

Why The Change?

Apparently, the fast pace of the modern world has meant that sustaining the hype over a collection isn’t as easy it used to be. Fashion moves faster than it used to. Think internet, social media, and the volume of fashion blogs and content being created every day. We used to wait months between the unveiling of a new shade, shape or trend and being able to buy it from shops. We were happy to get our fashion fix through Vogue while we waited in anticipation. Now, fashion bloggers tell us every day what’s hot and what’s not – by the time a new collection hits the shelves, trends may have changed 10 times over.



So What’s Up For Grabs!!!

Ralph Lauren’s calling his September collection ‘Runway Reinvented‘. It’s certainly a new concept. After debuting the designs at this months New York Fashion Week, the audience were invited to go straight to the Ralph Lauren flagship store and shop for the collection. Now that’s fast fashion.

gigi-hadidTommy Hilfiger and Burberry are doing similar things. They made their Autumn 2016 collections available straight after their debuts. So the clothes you can see on the supermodels (such as this Tommy Hilfiger outfit from the ‘Tommy Now’ collection, worn here by the sickeningly gorgeous Gigi Hadid) can be bought the moment the curtain falls on the show.

It’s not just these labels. Many fashion houses are changing their timetables, along with the times. So, good news all round for us impatient types!

Some have criticised the direction of the industry. They argue that it takes away some of the exclusivity of high fashion. What do you think?

It seems to me that the price-tags on brands like Ralph Lauren are enough to keep it exclusive… exclusively out of my wardrobe, anyway…

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