Village, the Country Style Kitchen from Arrital Valencia

Timeless sophistication, an elegant blend of styles and an ambient with strong personality: these are the main features that define the Village kitchen model. Bringing into your home the charm of rustic patina and the elegance of contemporary technology, this model is, like the entire collection from Arrital Valencia, fully customisable in matters of shapes, colours, accessories and composition.

The system can be easily adapted to suit any area, regardless of its style, and the vast modularity of Village allows maximum personalisation through accessories, colours, worktops option and customisable storage spaces.

The main visual element that sets apart the model is the framed door. The subtle double incision on the louvre door is also available in a smooth version and the composition can be completed with panelling, frames or finishing side panels of noticeable thickness, all available in 7 colours of lacquered ash and 7 colours of natural ash, offering the kitchen a touch of authentic charm. Furthermore, the doors can be combined with any type of handles, each serving to highlight your own style, from country to contemporary.

An Ever-Modern Touch: The Stainless Steel Top

Further elements of personalisation can be found in the different types of available handles or various top finishes, for example in the Vintage stainless steel for the work area, where the sink and hob are incorporated into a single surface.

In particular, the steel treatment offers an appealing worn look, sitting well with country and design styles alike. An efficient product, easy to clean and resilient without compromising on the essential and elegant nature of the composition, the slim stainless steel surface enhances the setting and offers the composition a touch of sophistication. The steel guarantees exceptional resistance against corrosion and excellent hygiene and the kitchen appliances and sinks can be welded to create continuous, seamless solutions.

Endless Design Options

Arrital Valencia proposes numerous solutions for the integration of all types of appliances available on the market. Solutions with vertical or horizontal installation offer infinite possibilities for kitchen personalisation. All systems in the Arrital platform allow the kitchen space to flow into the living area, using dedicated modules specifically designed for use in different spaces, with the same style.


The selection of different depths for bases and tall units allows the designer to optimise space and create unique solutions. The combination of smooth and louvre doors and the use of glass units opens up the possible design solutions. The system also features various types of special doors, for example glass units, glazing bar doors or louvre doors.


Overall, the Village kitchen model from Arrital Valencia represents the perfect balance between country home mood and the high-end technology and its versatility ensures full customisation into any space and full integration with the style of your home.

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