Vespa’s: The Top Restaurant Where Tradition Matters

With over 10 years of delighting taste buds in the exclusive town of Moraira, Vespa’s offers diners the best of Italian cuisine combined with Mediterranean flavors in a warm and family-friendly restaurant, faithful to the “tanas” customs.

Moraira is a privileged location on the Costa Blanca, where many people come to spend their vacations, explore its coves, and of course, indulge in the famous gastronomic tours. It’s well known that Mediterranean cuisine constantly attracts tourists and locals who own homes in this beautiful region and already know where to find good food. And that’s the case with Vespas.

Vespas is one of those always bustling places, and there’s only one explanation for it: everything works wonders. Karolien, the chef alongside her husband Bert Wetts, the owner, have managed to win the hearts of the entire town and every person who visits to savor typical Italian cuisine. Karoline and Bert met there at Vespas, where they worked together, and love was born from that moment on. It’s that same love that can be tasted in every dish at this premium restaurant on the Costa Blanca.


Every week, the chefs at Vespas receive fresh products from Italy such as flour, olives, burrata, Parmigiano cheese, mozzarella, pizzas, and focaccia. While Vespas is not a pizzeria, it is well-known for cooking stone-baked pizzas that are crispy and leave diners amazed.

Alongside Italy’s contributions, they receive fresh vegetables from Barcelona and even have a small garden from which they extract various other products, especially basil and oregano used in different dishes.


Have you ever heard of “La bella vita”? That’s the essence of Vespas, to come and dine with family or friends and enjoy Italian food in a relaxed atmosphere where laughter is part of the experience, where you can find happiness in the simplicity of a good dish.

Karolien and Bert, lovers of traveling to discover the origins of food, how their quality is maintained, and what sets them apart, have made several trips to charming Italy to immerse themselves in the universe of aceto in Modena, vinegar, and Parmigiano. They wanted to learn how ham is cured in Parma. Karolien even confesses that they visited different universities to delve into these worlds and then return to Moraira to translate their experiences into Vespas.

At Vespas, the customer service is friendly and personal, and people often show interest in learning about each dish. It’s part of the culinary routine to engage in conversations with diners and share stories about the food. The family atmosphere is felt in every corner of this welcoming restaurant.



Both parents and children will be delighted with this list of chef’s recommendations: calzone, burrata, vitel toné, pasta with fungi sauce (truffles or boletus) or Bolognese, the risotto made with the spectacular Carnaroli rice, which can be prepared with lobster or fungi.

If you haven’t visited Vespas yet, we encourage you to do so. And if you already know what we’re talking about, you’ll return from time to time because you’ll know that, no matter how much time passes, you can always come back to enjoy that delicious pizza you loved and every dish at this VIP restaurant.


How to get to Vespa’s:

Aveniguda de la Paz, 22,


Moraira, Alicante.

Tel: 965 74 32 56

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