Vall De Cavall: A Blend Of Nature And Gastronomy That Is A Luxury For The Five Senses

If you’re tired of the usual hotspots and are looking for somewhere new on the Costa Blanca to not only delight in the best in gastronomy but also live an experience in an idyllic environment, then there is nothing that beats enjoying the luxury and idyllic restaurant that is Vall de Cavall.

This homegrown family-run restaurant has seen enormous success since its opening in 2006  thanks to its authentic Mediterranean cuisine and its exceptional position in the heart of nature, which provides a healthy and regenerating atmosphere.

Vall de Cavall is a  one-of-a-kind and wonderfully placed restaurant that promises nothing less than “lujo” (luxury) and leisure. All year, the restaurant serves its own specialty dishes, such as grilled or stone-cooked meats, as well as seasonal, fresh meals. In addition, the restaurant serves foreign delicacies, as well as inventive, avant-garde dinners and a large range of national and international wines.

Before becoming the fantastic and tremendously popular restaurant that Vall de Cavall is  it first opened its doors as a stable back in 2006, so its customers don’t just come for its delectable food but for their passion for nature, horses, and all the ambience that this wonderful place creates.

The area’s natural, rustic environment contrasts perfectly with the interior’s stylish and inviting ambience. The facility is appropriate for families and has a children’s play area.  Vall de Cavall might also be a great location for a special celebration, and it is available for hire upon request.

Eating at Restaurante Vall de Cavall is a complete sensory experience for everyone in the family, from the youngest to the experienced as Hatim, their manager continually surprises us with unrivaled recipes prepared from the freshest ingredients that encompass the best of the true Mediterranean cuisine with a fusion that never disappoints.

Shown below are some of the dishes that VDC has to offer in their current menu and we will be bringing you updates over the coming weeks on their new dishes and overall menu for you to sample for this new season.

Occasionally, there are restaurants that have a special power to make you feel as though you’re no longer in the city – where for that day, you can enjoy an alternative dining experience. Vall de Cavall is one such place that is definitely to add to your list if you haven’t already done so as so many who have experienced it return time and again so if you wish to enjoy this culinary experience then book ahead to reserve your table outside or inside.



Carretera N 332- partida Benisaina 3 -Gata de Gorgos

03749 Denia

Telephone: 965 05 84 75



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