Upcoming Art Exhibitions Of Artist Rolf Van Der Wal

Today, we offer you the most recent news from artist Rolf Van Der Wal, as well as dates for forthcoming exhibitions where you may buy his unique work.


Rolf is an extraordinary and admirable artist because of his skill and uniqueness. This is a source of inspiration for us at Spain Life, and we think it will be for many of you as well, therefore we present to you his most recent works in this post.


Tribute at the Javea fiestas

In honor of Javea’s fiesta queen, Quinta Yazmine, Rolf wanted to capture everything of Yazmine’s beauty and originality in a lovely painting, and this was the outcome.



Portrait paintings have long been used to honor persons we love and appreciate. Nowadays, painting allows you to capture your recollections of a special period in your life in a one-of-a-kind work of art, and that’s what Rolf wants to achieve with his incomparable portrait painting, a forever capture of your loved ones, treasured pets, or even yourself.

Having a picture painted is an excellent way to commemorate an accomplishment and capture the essence of a memorable time in your life. What better way to capture family dynamics and forever commit a beloved event to memory than a privately commissioned work of art?



Rolf has been commissioned for work all around the world and is well-known for his exceptional portraits. He understands how to bring out the finest in his photo subjects.

Not only can Rolf make incredible portraits, but he can also create a unique painting of whatever you choose, such as your home, automobile, or favorite scenery. Anything you want to be immortalized in a timeless masterpiece is achievable.




Upcoming exhibitions

Moraira will host the first art exhibition featuring four artists with sculptures, photography, aluminum paintings and of course the art of Rolf where you will be able to see his most splendid works of art including Formula 1, animals, etc.



This exhibition will take place on the 24th of September at 6 pm at the Classic Cars 55 Club in Moraira.

A fantastic treat for art enthusiasts, who will be able to see incredible works of art while also enjoying a lovely day with varied refreshments and drinks.

Another date to remember is the 15th of October, and every third Saturday of the month following when an Art Market will be hosted in Denia at Café La Luz, where art enthusiasts will be able to not only see but also purchase the works on show. There will be a lot of art and amazing works to come… don’t miss it!

If you would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact him.


Contact details:

Gata de Gorgos

+34 680 975 607



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