Una Más Bar & More: a place that will make you happy

Una Más Bar & More in Jávea is about to celebrate its one-year anniversary since it first opened its doors. This bar restaurant in the beautiful area of Jávea, is much more than a place to sit and have a cocktail.

Marjon Broekmeulen, an entrepreneur originally from the Netherlands and the creator of Una Más, planned many years ago with her family to buy a villa in Spain as a place to relax. The chosen destination was Jávea. There, she planned to spend days relaxing by the sea with her husband, also a busy entrepreneur, and their two children. However, destiny had other plans for Marjon and her family.


In early 2022, Marjon struck up a conversation with the then-owner of Don Antonio, which has now become Una Más. At that time, Antonio wanted to retire, and she felt tempted to buy the premises located in Portixol, near the Saladar supermarket.


So, on May 1st 2022  with the key in hand, the renovation of the place began. They had to start completely from scratch. “The place didn’t have a single spoon, glass, or pantry… nothing,” says Marjon.

The tranquility didn’t last long, and there were several obstacles along the way, but time started ticking, and she created happiness and a shared joy of opening  Una Más. In the blink of an eye, a year has passed since the inauguration in July of 2022.

This Saturday, July 1st, Una Más wants you to come and   celebrate with them with their delicious appetizers and cocktails!



Una Más is that place where everyone goes to meet, converse, have a drink, dance for a while, laugh, and collect good moments. Marjon has captured that energy at Una Más, which is why the regular patrons of this bar always enjoy themselves and have a great time.


At Una Más, you can enjoy delicious appetizers, refreshing cocktails that are perfect for the scorching heat, and indulge in their extensive menu.


You can choose a spot indoors or settle into one of the sofas outside, filled with cushions to make you feel at home.

You can also choose a spot at the bar and appreciate how the cocktails are prepared.

Una Más is the ideal place to have a drink with a friend and celebrate good times; perfect for enjoying the summer in a pleasant environment with great energy. You can also choose Una Más if you feel like dancing for a while or if you don’t want to miss the most important sports events.


As soon as you enter Una Más, you’ll notice that the decoration is very chilled with plants and a very Mediterranean color palette that gives you the feeling of being on vacation. The Una Más team welcomes you with a big smile, as if they only have one present goal: to help you have a spectacular time.

The place also organizes private events; and all you have to do is speak to them and talk about your idea as they are always friendly and supportive and looking to help. If there’s one thing that is not lacking at Una Más it Is its good energy  and vibe and  this is something that this world needs so much more. Therefore it encourages happy people to come along who create positive environments to enjoy Jávea and the summer as it should be.


Come to Una Más and let us know what you think as we are sure you will love it!


Contact details:

Ctra. Del Portitxol 91, 03738, Jávea, Spain

+34 617 545 818


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