An ultimate culinary experience at Vizio Denia restaurant, Alicante

Surrounded by the wonderful atmosphere of Denia’s Marina, Vizio restaurant will officially be launched on the 12th of November.


The soon to be opened restaurant has a revolutionary concept of an “evolving cuisine” ‑ a unique and creative cuisine that Jay Bruzon has developed through his extensive career which is a reflection of his own evolution as a chef.


The renowned chef, Jay Bruzon was born in Venezuela and treasures 18 years of experience. He studied in Le Cordon Bleu University in Lima, Perú, which is one of the most well renowned cooking schools with branches all over the world. Jay worked in the United States as executive chef at Grappa Restaurant in Miami and head chef at Mandala Bay hotel in Las Vegas. In Puebla, Mexico, the Venezuelan was executive chef at El Mosquito, whereas in Spain he worked as a consultant in Castilla y León Casino, in Valladolid. Also, in 2015 he was a  jury member in the famous TV Show Top Chef, El Salvador.



Vizio restaurant combines sourcing flavourful ingredients and giving them a creative twist in order to provide a whole unique experience.  Always searching to offer something different, special and unique, Jay Bruzon believes that the most important thing is to cook with passion and love, carefully watching over all of the process. “At Vizio, we always go the extra mile, we try to offer an unexpected courtesy such as a coffee, a dessert or a drink. Our customers love that, it makes them feel special” states the chef.


Jay Bruzon delivers a greatly varied innovative cuisine. Due to his vast experience in Peruvian cuisine he gives major importance to these country`s culinary delights. Peruvian cuisine is considered the second best one in the world and in terms of goodness, it is one of the richest. The variety of products is overwhelming: 3600 different potatoes, a wide range of savoury peppers and delicious wild fruits. With a unique twist, the ceviche and other wonderful dishes are fused with different cuisines such as the Japanese, African or Chinese.


Fusion cuisine, Vizio Denia restaurant, Alicante
Fusion cuisine at Vizio Denia restaurant, Alicante


The unique restaurant will soon be serving a four course lunch menu for € 16,90 and the chef plans to launch over the next months booking only pairing dinners and thematic tasting menus  based on the finest international cuisines.


Innovative cuisine, Vizio Denia restaurant, Alicante
Innovative cuisine, Vizio Denia restaurant, Alicante


The enthusiastic Jay Bruzon believes that as a chef, his paramount objective is to teach customers to try new things and to enjoy every single moment while tasting food. After all, the way that the chef understands the cuisine is what it makes the difference.


The innovative restaurant is located at Puerto Deportivo La Marina de Denia D 2, and the website will be up and running soon.

Bookings can be made by calling 966 42 53 76

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