Uber Launch New Service, UberOne in Madrid

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Ever since their launch in 2010, App-based, pioneering cab firm Uber has taken the taxi market by storm, making huge profits all over the world. However, their journey to success in Spain has been a lot bumpier than elsewhere. Banned in 2014, the company has since made a comeback and is hoping for further success, in Spain and beyond, with its latest environmentally friendly venture. Uber Madrid

On Thursday, Uber selected Madrid as the city in which to unveil its new fleet of electric vehicles. The luxury Model S Sudan is the chosen car to be used in the new premium UberOne service. “An electric premium service for a city that aspires to become the capital of the electric vehicle,” the company said in a statement. “An innovative proposal in an innovative city. A good mix right?”

Yet many are stating that Madrid was chosen for an entirely different reason and while Uber’s latest venture may have been welcomed by environmentalists globally, in Spain many have dismissed it as a cynical exercise designed to cosy-up to the Spanish government.

At the end of 2014, following protests from Spanish taxi drivers, the government was forced to take action against the company. By using private vehicles for revenue and having amateur drivers operate ride-sharing services, Uber was found to not be complying with local laws. Consequently, the service was banned throughout the country. Yet earlier this year the company made a comeback with the introduction of UberX, a professionally licensed cab service. And now many are arguing that Uber is attempting to get back on the government’s good side by helping them with their improvements to the fuel economy.

In particular, local authorities are struggling to reduce pollution levels and the number of cars driving into the city every day, two areas in which Uber’s electric fleet of cars could help. While Uber, struggling to expand, due to the restrictive licenses issued to their drivers in Madrid, are hoping that their environmentally friendly venture can lead the way to more freedom in the car-sharing industry. Uber Madrid.

Given the current mayor, Manuela Carmen’s appetite for environmentally friendly initiatives UberOne could have great results for both Uber and Madrid. Uber Madrid.Uberone spain, uber electric cars spain

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