Triora: Holistic Model and Private Centre for Rehabilitation

Triora is dedicated to helping people with an addiction. They provide private treatment and rehabilitation to people suffering from addictions to alcohol, drugs such as cocaine and cannabis, and behavioural addictions such as gambling and gaming. The treatment takes place at their private rehabilitation centre near Alicante.

Triora’s addiction care follows the Triora Model. The model’s co-creator, Michel Odufré, explains:

“We treat body, mind and soul to help you and your loved ones regain a meaningful life. Our professional staff provide discrete inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation to people like you from the pleasant surroundings of our private clinic in Alicante, Spain.” The Triora Model is a unique, holistic addiction treatment developed by Triora in the Netherlands, and comprising eight elements. They enhance medically established methods in addiction care such as cognitive behaviour therapy and psychiatric treatment, with their own innovative approach to addiction recovery. Their approach involves treating body, mind and soul.




“The name Triora not only rolls off the tongue, but also means three times gold, which can be linked to body, mind and soul, or serenity, courage and wisdom. The treatment goes much further than quitting and learning new skills. It’s about body, mind and soul which reflects a person’s essence. Meaning plays an important role in this respect. Why should I stop using? Why am I here? What makes me happy? What is good for me? What makes me want to live? You have to reinvent yourself so that you don’t go back to square one. Your own essence has to blossom again, just as plants and trees come to life and flowers bloom. There’s incredible beauty in the people who are being treated here” Michel Odufré adds.


The Triora Model uses scientifically researched and evidence-based therapy programmes such as the following cognitive-behaviour addiction modules: rational emotive therapy, social skills training, and relapse prevention. They also devote attention to the principles of self-help.


The clinic offers medical treatment and supervision, psychological and psychiatric support – in the first phase of treatment, patients have sessions with both a psychiatrist and a psychologist. Also, the aftercare programme is designed to help with social reintegration. Physical recovery also plays an important part, and Triora offers personal sport and exercise programmes ranging from daily walks to pilates, yoga, cardio gym and physiotherapy, with or without a personal trainer. Spiritual coaching sessions, as well as family therapy, complete the list of programmes included to help the patients to develop greater self-awareness, to gain insight into the disease of addiction, to practise new behaviour, to recognise the risk factors for relapse, to find a sense of purpose, to become familiar with self-help groups.




Triora works with two different addiction recovery formats. They offer competitive rates for residential care at the private clinic in Alicante, Spain. Outpatient treatment can also be provided in person at the Triora clinic or via secure videoconferencing.


The first and non-binding Triora consultation is free of charge. Which addiction recovery programme suits best depends on the results of the admission assessment, as well as on personal preferences and needs. The intensive 8-week inpatient addiction recovery care consists of a full daily programme of individual therapy sessions and group meetings. The Triora rehabilitation centre offers pleasant and peaceful surroundings near the beach in Alicante, Spain. The modern facilities include a swimming pool, large garden, sun terrace and sports facilities. Accommodation is provided in recently refurbished single rooms. Treatment can be started on any day of the week and includes: detox under 24/7 medical supervision, system support therapy, cognitive therapy, medical supervision, individual therapy with psychiatrist, psychologist and personal counsellor, sport and exercise, group coaching sessions with the clinic’s spiritual coach, healthy menu, self-help group sessions and an aftercare comprising 10 sessions of 1 hour each.



Triora rehabilitation centre in the Netherlands is certified by DEKRA, a quality label for which they are audited every year. Triora’s modern, private clinic opened last year in Alicante, Spain. Triora is part of Parnassia Groep, the Netherlands’ largest provider of mental health care, with a 400-year history. The group’s mission is to provide professional and respectful help to people suffering from addiction and psychological problems.


For more information:


Address: Calle del Hogar Provincial 12, 03559 Alicante, España

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