Torre de Reixes: enjoy the best dishes in a 16th century tower

Located within an incomparable setting, in the Alicante Orchards and surrounded by houses of the nobility in the town of Santa Faz we found the restaurant Torre de Reixes.


It is situated in a 16th-century tower and alongside a magnificent Villa that would leave the visitor speechless. The name of the premise means, tower of bars and refers to the three windows of the tower, all of them protected by bars and meant to open the way to Benimagrell.


This tower was originally surrounded by  ​​vineyards that will end up transformed in wines to be exported via the port of Alicante, to the rest of Europe. The Aloque wine was born here and was kept in tower-houses such as Torre de Rejas.


The place also includes an ancient chapel, very typical of the XVI century buildings of the area. It can be visited but it is not intended for ceremonial use.


The restaurant is ideal for all sorts of events and celebrations such as weddings, civil ceremonies, communions, company meals, anniversaries or baptisms. “We organize events for groups of up to+ 600 people,” states Lucía Ruiz del Portal, who has been managing Tower of Bars, for four years.


The menu changes periodically, however there are three star products that remain unchanged. Those are: coca with roasted peppers, with red rock mullets, grilled octopus and millefeuille with caramelized puff pastry.


Regarding other dishes that stand out are the entrees, such as Iberian ham to cut, carpaccio, croquettes, salmorejo or gazpacho. As for rice, they can be consumed with lobster, Iberian secret or cod. The offer of fish includes tuna sashimi, sea bass or turbot. While in terms of meats, we can taste suckling lamb carré, beef entrecote, Iberian secret or sirloin. Finally for dessert, we have a wide variety: sorbet, nougat bicut, typically from Alicante, macedonia, soufflé or pinneaple in textures.


“The scenery we are located in is absolutely unique, with a well conserved lookout tower. When eating, we have cosy, well-kept spaces and exquisite dishes. `Our dishes suit everyone`s taste’ affirms Lucía.


The Tower of Reixes, belongs to the group Juan XXIII since 1969, and is synonymous of highest  quality, since they have been organizing wedding banquets for decades, alongside with other successful events. The restaurant adapts perfectly to the customers’ requirements, both in terms of menus and for the setting up and hosting of the event.


If you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to visit the Torre de Rejas estate, where you would be able to enjoy an incredible experience in a magical place.


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