Top 55 Restaurants: Dacosta, Camarena, and Kiko Moya of L’Escaleta Among the Best

Exploring the art of haute cuisine is delving into a universe where culinary mastery becomes a form of expression. The recent list of the top 55 restaurants in the Valencian Community has placed renowned chefs such as Quique Dacosta, Ricard Camarena, and Kiko Moya of L’Escaleta on the pinnacle of excellence.

Quique Dacosta, with his culinary mastery pushing creativity to new heights; Ricard Camarena, a virtuoso in combining flavors, textures, and techniques, winning over the most discerning palates; and Kiko Moya of L’Escaleta, with an innovative and meticulous approach to each dish, join this culinary elite, solidifying their status as references in the gastronomic scene.

Alongside these luminaries, comprising the “top 10” in the ninth edition of Santos Ruiz’s guide, are also:

  • La Salita (Begoña Rodrigo; València)
  • El Poblet (Lluís Valls, Ana Botella y Hernán Menno; València)
  • Espacio Montoro (Pablo Montoro; Alicante)
  • Bon Amb (Alberto Ferruz; Xàbia)
  • Arrels (Vicky Sevilla; Sagunt)
  • La Finca (Susi Díaz; Elx)
  • Peix i Brases (José Manuel López; Dénia)

Albufera Rice Fields, Valencia

The latter is the standout newcomer among the top 10 in 2023, displacing Beat, which holds the eleventh position. Additionally, we share the rising stars of Valencian cuisine chosen this year:

  • Álex Vidal, from Origens
  • Carlos Torres, from Volta i Volta
  • Cristian Granero, from Anhelo
  • Félix Chaques, from Félix Chaqués Restaurant
  • Sergio Rozas and Ibai Bengoechea, from Raro

Each restaurant, with its unique hallmark and relentless pursuit of excellence, redefines culinary standards in the region. At Costas Exclusive, we take pride in witnessing and being part of the recognition bestowed upon these culinary icons that make the Valencian Community a premier gastronomic destination.

If you wish to delve further into the realm of high-quality cuisine, we invite you to explore our articles on Spain Life Exclusive and Costas Exclusive.

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