Top 5 Charming Places to Enjoy Summer on the Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca is home to truly dreamlike corners. Hidden coves, mountain caves, birdwatching spots, panoramic views, and natural reserves. There’s so much to visit and explore that it’s difficult to choose where to go. That’s why we recommend a top 5 list from Spain Life Exclusive. These are places with a special magic that we suggest you include in your summer itinerary for 2023.


The Port of Denia is an ideal destination to enjoy the sun, the landscape, and the gastronomy. Water sports enthusiasts, such as kayaking, surfing, or jet skiing, often choose this port. Not only is it aesthetically beautiful, but it also has an optimal climate all year round.

It’s worth noting that Denia itself is a beautiful place with 15 kilometers of beaches. If you’re looking for tranquility, you’ll likely find it on these numerous beaches. Most of them have sandy shores and the crystal-clear waters characteristic of the Costa Blanca.

Getting to this area is very easy by car, train, and buses, as well as by plane and, of course, by boats from all corners of the world. It is located 110 km from Alicante Airport and 95 km from Valencia Airport. You’ll love Denia and its port!


This whitewashed town is a must-visit for those who enjoy typical mountain sites. During the summer season, many tourists and locals come to Altea to observe the sunset from its many viewpoints.

Altea offers a wide gastronomic variety with terraces that boast unparalleled views.

How can you explore it? You can either walk along its shores or explore the old town. If it’s your first time, the old town, marked by a strong Muslim influence, will leave you amazed. Narrow cobblestone streets, white houses adorned with colorful flowers, shops with unique crafts, and the Church of Our Lady of Consuelo atop Altea.

Include Altea in your summer itinerary and let yourself fall in love with it!


This small cove in beautiful Moraira is a gem of the Mediterranean. Half sand, half rock, Cala del Portet is a lovely place to spend the day with loved ones. You can bring a picnic to enjoy on the sand or, why not, take the opportunity to visit Le Dauphin, the restaurant located right in front of the cove, known for its exquisite cuisine. Of course, there are other places to eat rice dishes and typical Spanish tapas.

This beach is perfect for families with young children, as well as for practicing kayaking, paddleboarding, or snorkeling. It is located in a small bay protected by the Cap d’Or peninsula, crowned by its 16th-century watchtower. The walk there is easy and truly beautiful.

Many wonder why its waters are so turquoise, and it’s due to the seabed. There is a meadow of oceanic posidonia seagrass that performs photosynthesis, produces a lot of oxygen, and filters waste. This is why Cala del Portet has this color.

Go ahead, add it to your summer list!



Santa Barbara Castle is located 166 meters above sea level on Mount Benacantil. It has undoubtedly been one of the greatest medieval fortresses in Spain. From the castle, you can have a 360-degree view of the city of Alicante.

Since 1961, it has been considered a Cultural Heritage site and, in addition to offering free admission, it hosts a variety of cultural activities throughout the year.

In “La Torreta,” you’ll find the Homage Tower and the oldest remains of the fortress, mostly dating back to the 14th century. In the intermediate area, you can explore the most important rooms built in the 16th century, such as the Salón Felipe II, the Guardhouse, the Parade Ground, and the Queen’s Bastion. The lower area, from the 18th century, has the Bon Repós Rampart.

If you enjoy historical tourism, you can’t miss visiting this beautiful castle overlooking the sea!



This small, rocky cove with transparent waters is spectacular for snorkeling enthusiasts. As soon as you arrive, you’ll see tourists heading down to the cove with their snorkeling gear, ready to immerse themselves in these Mediterranean waters and enjoy the marine life.

It’s called Cala Blanca because of the whitish color of its cliffs. This site is composed of two coves, one next to the other, Caleta I and Caleta II. The Cala Blanca viewpoint is a beauty that will leave you astonished, as well as the contrasts between the whitish rocks and the turquoise blue color of the waters.

You should arrive early as it’s not a very large cove, and during July, August, and part of September, it tends to be crowded. Nevertheless, it’s a wonderful place to enjoy the sea!

The Costa Blanca in summer is a truly special destination. The landscapes, the gastronomic offerings, the friendliness of its people. Everything adds up when visiting the Costa Blanca!


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