Top 10 Places to See in Spain According to TripAdvisor

2. Mosque of Cordoba
The Monumental Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, dating from 786, occupies the second position in the Spanish classification of the most attractive sites for TripAdvisor travelers. And in the global list, developed from the comments and ratings of users of this portal during the last 12 months, it reaches fifth place. Something that explains the numbers of visitors: 1,908,957 people in 2017, which means a new record of tourists for the eighth consecutive year.

3. Sagrada Familia (Barcelona)
“Almost 100 years later and it is still under construction. Beautiful and amazing. It’s all a work of art, a piece of history and a lesson … “, says the comment of one of the users of TripAdvisor. Antoni Gaudí took over the project of the Sagrada Familia in 1883, and in March of last year the 135th anniversary of the laying of the first stone was celebrated. Today, with 70% of the construction of the basilica completed, and while the six central towers continue to be raised, thousands of tourists contemplate it daily (it is the most visited monument in Spain, with more than four and a half million people in 2017) . It occupies the third place among the most desired tourist spots in Spain by web users.

4. The Alhambra (Granada)
Andalusia highlights, by regions, in this list of the tourist places of greatest interest: five mentions among the top 10 places of the Spanish ranking of TripAdvisor. The Alhambra, located on the hill of Sabika, between the basins of the Darro and Genil rivers, occupies the fourth position. The palatine city of Andalusia is the main tourist spot of the city and last year reached its record number of visitors: 2.7 million people walked through its palaces and the gardens of the Generalife (in the picture).

6. Casa Batlló (Barcelona)
Many of the most touristic points of Barcelona are associated with the name of Antoni Gaudí. The Casa Batlló (Passeig de Gràcia, 43), a sample of Catalan modernist architecture, is the sixth Spanish tourist attraction for Tripadvisor users. The building, built in 1877 by Emilio Sala Cortés, was remodeled between 1904 and 1906 by the Catalan architect during his naturalistic period, something perceptible in its façade. World heritage, currently belongs to the Bernat family, the public was opened in 1995 and an estimated one million people visit it every year.

8. Royal Palace (Madrid)
Eighth among the main places of tourist interest in Spain, the Royal Palace of Madrid began its construction in 1738, being a royal residence from Carlos III to Alfonso XIII (it is still the official residence of the kings, although they do not currently live in it). The artistic wealth of the palace, both for the construction materials and for its decoration, includes works by Caravaggio, Velázquez and Francisco de Goya. In addition to touring the history of Spain through its rooms, the visit to the palace (10 euros) includes access to the Royal Armory and, for 4 euros more, to the Royal Kitchen.

9. Central Market (Valencia)
In this list of places of tourist interest there are not only monuments, since the Central Market of Valencia occupies the ninth position and some TripAdvisor users describe it as a “tourist and gastronomic” enclave and as “one of the masterpieces of Valencian modernism ” Located in the city square of Bruges, it began to be built in 1914 by Francesc Guàrdia i Vial and Alexandre Soler i March. The works were completed in 1928, and in 2004 a comprehensive rehabilitation of this space was carried out, which houses up to 300 fresh produce merchants.

10. Market of the Boquería (Barcelona)
Close this classification of TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice awards, which recognizes the places of greatest tourist interest in Spain, another market, the Boquería. Located in the Rambla de Barcelona is one of the largest markets in the city, and the first documents confirming the presence of meat stalls in the Pla de la Boqueria date from 1217. The latest and recent remodeling has expanded the commercial area in 1,000 square meters, although to try to reduce the massive presence of tourists the City Council has prohibited the tasting of food in the stands.

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