Three types of recliner chair: sit back, relax and enjoy!

Sofas and chairs are the main focal point of a lounge and a reflection of our style. However, when purchasing a new recliner chair, comfort is usually the main consideration.


Harris Furnishings have an impressive showroom with a fabulous selection of furniture including a beautiful range of quality recliner chairs. Their furnishings are hand-crafted to order in either Spain or the UK using only high-quality materials. They have a wide variety of designs including modern, classic and retro styles and all pieces are available in a huge selection of beautiful fabrics or Italian leathers. There are several considerations when buying a recliner chair in terms of the type of recliner action to best suit your needs. Outlined below are the options available.


Manual recliner chairs

Manual recliners come in three forms, the push-back, the handle release and the finger-pull. The latter of the three is usually the least expensive type of recliner chair, simply operated by a finger-pull to release the footrest.  To return the footrest back into the sitting position it must be pushed in with the heels to click it back. Likewise, the footrest on a handle recliner is located on the side of the chair is pulled backwards to recline and simply returned to the original position to retract the footrest. They are both relatively easy to operate but may prove a challenge for people who are less mobile.


Push-back recliners are a more modern design manual recliner. They are operated by simply placing your hands on the top of the arms and pushing back. To return to the non-reclined position you simply sit forward. The footrest and backrest usually recline simultaneously, instantly putting you into the ultimate relaxing position.


Below are examples of two popular manual recliners.


Buy recliner chairs in Harris Furnishings
The Jaky push recliner by Losbu


The best Pedreger furniture
The Sutton manual recliner by Losbu


Power recliner chairs

Power recliners are motorised and are simply operated by the press of a button. The buttons are usually located on the outside arm of the chair, with most manufacturers allowing the customer to choose whether they prefer the button on the left or the right-hand side.  Nowadays the buttons often have an integrated USB charging port, a very useful feature for todays’ modern living, allowing you to charge your electronic devices without leaving your chair.


The electric motor in riser recliners typically plugs into a wall socket using a transformer that reduces the voltage to prevent electrical shock. To recline, the button is pressed and held down until the chair is in the desired position. The bonus of a power recliner is that it allows for varying recline positions, if the button is released as the footrest reaches the fully-upright position for example, the back will remain upright, or you can continue to hold your finger on the button to take the backrest down, releasing it at any time allowing you to choose a position that is best for you.


Below is an example of a power recliner chair.


Find the best furniture in Harris Furnishings
The Vero power recliner chair by Losbu


Riser recliners

Riser recliners are motorised reclining chairs that recline and lift-up to an almost standing position, allowing you to get out of the chair with very little effort. They are the most expensive type of reclining chair available but are extremely versatile. Riser recliners are ideal for individuals with injuries or physical disabilities that make sitting and standing without assistance difficult. They are designed to be as comfortable as possible so that the user can be seated on them for a long period of time.


As with the power recliner, the electric motor in riser recliners typically plugs into a wall socket using a transformer that reduces the voltage to prevent electrical shock. This type of reclining chair typically requires a lot of space and must be placed away from walls although some riser recliners are designed so that the seat base moves forward as the chair reclines, so you can place it closer to walls.


Riser recliners are available with either a single or dual motor. Single-motor riser recliners have one motor that operates the reclining and rising of the chair. These recliners usually come with a two-button control pad on an expandable cable to operate the chair. In dual-motor riser recliners, one motor operates the footrest and the other operates the back of the chair so the footrest and backrest can be adjusted independently allowing complete versatility, these usually have a control pad with four or more buttons.

The best recliners chairs
The Denver riser recliner by Parker Knoll


Find them all in Harris Furnishings

Harris Furnishings have all kinds of chairs, as well as other exquisite pieces, such as sofas, sofa beds, beds, rugs and accessories, they also boast an in-house complete upholstery service, their sister company, Sofa Medico, established in Spain since 2006. The store is open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday and from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturdays.


(*) The main image of this article corresponds to the Lynk push recliner by Losbu.



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