Find Happiness with ‘The Serendipity Experience’

Amanda O’Shea is on a mission to help as many people as possible ‘fall back in love with life’. Spending her own life travelling the world, raising her two children and searching for, and finding, happiness inspired her to set up her business (or, as she calls it, her ‘new baby’) The Serendipity Experience.

Serendipity – A ‘Happy Accident’

Amanda O'Shea

Born in the year of Woodstock, 1969, Amanda happily describes herself as a hippy at heart. She brings her carefree, positive outlook to her business venture. ‘Serendipity’ seems to be a great name because luck, happy accidents and taking risks have followed her her whole life. After packing up her life in the UK and buying a campervan, Amanda followed her heart all the way to Javea, Spain, in 2006. She started on her new project while there almost a decade after arriving, when she felt the time was right.

Retreats and Dream Weekends

The Serendipity Experience’s retreats are the ideal place to leave behind the stresses of the world. The days are filled with talking, walking, appreciating nature, and the other feel-good things we don’t take the time to do in our everyday lives. Don’t expect a strict programme or a weight loss regime, though! These breaks are all about keeping it light, having fun and being happy. There are a range of different pre-planned calendar events, or you can book your own bespoke group getaways.

A fabulous retreat organised in conjunction with Kate Moss Yoga is coming up in February 2017. You can find out about the event and book one of the limited places now.

Reconnect With Yourself

Amanda’s experiences in life have also made her a great life and happiness coach. She offers flexible sessions that help you figure out how to be happy while enjoying life to its fullest. Having spent her fair share of time searching for happiness, she is well placed to help you find your way back on track to ‘less stress and more joy.’

You don’t have to go on a retreat or take a happiness course to meet Amanda and benefit from her positive outlook. If you are based near Javea on the Costa Blanca, you can attend a fun, free events run by The Serendipity Experience. There’s something to suit everyone, from beach days to moonlight strolls. They offer a great opportunity to make new friends and get some fresh air. You can find out more on the website or on Facebook.

As well as retreats, coaching and events, Amanda also hosts ‘Happy Hour’ on Total FM on Fridays from 5pm. A calendar like that would exhaust anyone, but we get the feeling that if Amanda wasn’t happy, she wouldn’t do it!

Find out about The Serendipity Experience in Amanda’s own words:

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