El Port Veterinarios Advises Sterilization For Our Pets As A Preventive Measure

El Port Veterinarios, as usual, brings us up to date on all things pet-related, and today we talk about uterine infection, often known as pyometra. In this case, prevention is the best treatment, and it is based on castration, which includes removing the uterus and ovaries from females (ovariohysterectomy).


El Port Veterinarios advise us to pay full attention to this problem as it can be very serious. Certainly, pyometra is one of the most known affections for pet owners, and also one of the most dangerous, being castration the only way to prevent it.

Pyometra is a uterine infection due to the changes that the uterus undergoes after estrus, both morphologically and hormonally due to the increase of progesterone, and opportunistic bacteria are also involved.

It is essential to know its symptoms in order to detect it in time: our pet will be apathetic, will drink and urinate more, and may present fever. In addition, in most cases, a purulent discharge can be seen on the vulva, so that uterine secretions can drain and not accumulate inside the uterus, which is known as open pyometra.



In the most severe cases, the cervix is obstructed and does not allow these secretions to drain outside (closed pyometra), so owners do not realize the severity by not seeing the pus. This accumulation of intrauterine secretion leads to great inflammation and uterine distension, which can even rupture, causing peritonitis, toxemia, septicemia, and a critical situation for the life of the animal.

As you can see, it is a situation of extreme urgency, which will require early detection on our part and very quick attention from our veterinarian. Port Veterinarios in Altea is at your disposal.



If you have any questions on this or any other topic to help keep our pets healthy, don’t hesitate to contact them.



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