The pool you always dreamed of is within your reach thanks to Gunitec the experts in luxury pools construction

Have you ever been stunned by the wonderful image of an impressive infinite pool or a pool with a lake effect? the trend in swimming pools is also changing over time and turquoise square pools framed by lawns are a thing of the past. Today’s pools are more subtle, more natural, and more complex, with refreshing designs just right for the moment such as infinite or minimalist pools.


Well, we have just come across Gunitec, the award-winning and internationally recognized swimming pool company in Costa Blanca. This company with a unique concept and vision for swimming pools and spas has been in business for over forty years maintaining its philosophy; to provide each pool with unique style and beauty, to make it a remarkable element of the house, giving confidence and quality to the client.


This luxury swimming pool design and construction company founded in 1976 has been always in continuous movement, looking for innovation, inspiration, and beauty every time they go abroad since, as we mentioned above they are internationally recognized and frequently attend conferences abroad and have also received the acclaimed “Pool Design Awards 2020” presented by Piscine Global Europe at the swimming pool show in the French city of Lyon.



Gunitec is not just another pool construction and maintenance company, this family business founded by Marcos Gisbert, and now run by Lucas Gisbert, Maricruz Gisbert, and Marcos Gisbert, is a project born from the union of effort, hard work, and most importantly passion for the fascinating world they are dedicated to. Because when we say that they go the extra mile, we say it with full knowledge of the facts, with more than 5,000 pools built and more than 40 years dedicated to advising on projects and creating spa areas, and swimming pools, Gunitec is a solid, successful company and one of the most reliable in its field in Spain.


At Gunitec they work very hard to give you exactly what you want, they like to listen to their customers, meet with them and find out what they are looking for because they know that behind each of them there is a need to find something made to measure, a pool that can enjoy a lifetime. That is their goal: to make pools that are the dream of their customers.


They will design the swimming pool project you have in mind or perhaps have dreamed of.

To do this, they work with infographics to create a virtual image of your project in which you will see your ideas materialize. They are in charge of presenting the pool and the whole project around it.


They take each project with the desire to make it unique and special. And not only projects in Spain, but they can also carry out anything you may have in your mind in any location you want.


Here below are some of their more than five thousand projects.



“This infinity pool is organically shaped and features a ramp access facial entry. It stands out for the combination of its light colors: the white mosaic cladding and the cream-colored marble terrace. This combination manages to convey the authentic Mediterranean essence. The pool also has a spa integrated into it”





“This house is situated in a privileged location where the pool is practically a balcony over the sea. It was unthinkable that in such a setting the pool would be anything other than infinity. The color of the mosaic is dark blue, in order to achieve a perfect fusion with the water of the Mediterranean. There is also a spa next to the pool itself. In this way, the water becomes the protagonist of the home”.




“A pool surrounded by nature. It was extremely important to achieve uniformity with the surroundings. The colors and materials played an important role in this project. The greenish color and the coronation of natural tosca in tones of tan achieved a balanced and harmonious result”.





“Another infinity pool located on a balcony overlooking the sea. The water cascades down one edge and merges with the seawater. The rest of the pool has a perimeter overflow through a slot, in this way the fusion effect is much more impressive”.



Therefore, after all that we showed you, are you ready for the pool of your dreams?



Gunitec professional team will be happy to advise you to enjoy the pool of your dreams, as they are experts in building outdoor spaces. Discover all the styles available and choose the one that suits you by checking their website (details below) or visiting their superb shop.



















Contact details:


José Luis Borges, s/n
Apd. 477
03730 Jávea (Alicante)


+34 965 790 546


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