La Perla of Jávea: an exclusive place to dine in front of the Mediterranean

The Arenal Beach, the Cape San Antonio and the spectacular Montgó are part of the enclave in Jávea where the restaurant La Perla de Jávea is located, as its name indicates it is a true pearl that must be tried once in a lifetime.

Many tourists, locals and lovers of cuisine come to this region of the Costa Blanca in search of different gastronomic places, that seduce them, that allow them to enjoy an a typical and charming evening. However not many can be classed as haute cuisine with a view that makes LA PERLA the best restaurant to dine in when looking for excellent cuisine in an evening dining experience.

With the Mediterranean Sea in front, plus the lighting of the coast that reveals the silhouettes of the beach and the mountains around this makes LA PERLA one of the most romantic dining venues in Jávea and we can safely say this is the one we recommend at all times.

Each week the chef of the restaurant visits the local port only metres away and brings in the best fish delicacies to the restaurant and the rice and grilled fish already have their exclusive customers who come daily to once again dine in those unique flavors as if it were the first time.

Sonia and Sergio the owners of the restaurant are always present at all times to make sure you are really enjoying a special night. The atmosphere of LA PERLA is as beautiful as the landscape that surrounds it and the service is the best you can find in Jávea, since they maintain the family tradition of providing quality and that people can feel welcomed as if they were at home, from a friendly and close treatment.

From the sea to the table

As simple and delicious, as the menus are Sonia and Sergio also start in a new culinary culture that offers dishes that practically do not carry condiments or additives. Because the proposal is to delight from the original flavours themselves.

The ingredients are so good that it does not need much more than to throw it on the embers and let the fire do its magic once it reaches the kitchen.

“Wild embers”, Sonia calls it, to refer to this authentic cooking mode of LA PERLA. In a world where everything is so sweetened, returning to the original flavor is an authentic and exquisite proposal.

Everything that is offered in this restaurant is fresh, local and are all seasonal products as they pride themselves in this each day. They cook for exquisite palates with merchandise that comes from France, plus items like oysters that come direct from the Lonja de Jávea market and there are out of menu options from northern Galicia, such as clams, razor clams, sea urchins and cockles.

The secret? Quality products that are only seasoned with olive oil and garlic and not treated with the wrong ingredients.

As if all this were not enough, LA PERLA is a sustainable restaurant, with a pantry next to the sea and in the evening this is the best place to dine at when in Jávea.

They say that whoever tries a dry rice from La Perla de Jávea will not want to try another.

If you are thinking of living a charming and unforgettable night, book a table at this restaurant and let yourself be carried away.

Avenida de la Libertad,
21  Local 2 Playa del Arenal,
03730 Jávea – Alicante

Phone  +34 96 647 07 72

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